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Adams, Stephen M. Assistant professor of English, Westfield State College, Massachusetts. Adviser, Honors College, University of Missouri, Columbia. Author of “Some Current Publications” in Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660– 1700.
Essays: Daniel Defoe; The Examiner.

Almeida, Onésimo T. Professor and chair, Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. Editor of Gávea-Brown, and member of the editorial board of Santa Barbara Portuguese Studies. Author of Mensagem—Uma tentativa de reinterpretação (1987), Açores, açorianos, açorianidade (1989), and of articles in Hispania, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, ColóquioLetras, Ideologies and Literature, Europe, Revista Brasileira de Filosofia, Revista de Comunicação e Linguagens, CulturaHistória e Filosofia, and other journals. Editor of Lisbon in Manhattan by José Rodrigues Miguéis (1985).
Essays: Vergílio Ferreira; Eduardo Lourenço; Portuguese Essay.

Altamiranda, Daniel. Assistant visiting professor, Arizona State University, Tempe. Author of articles in Romanistisches Jahrbuch, Incipit, and Paresédor & Diferentes.
Editor of Basta callar by Pedro Calderón de la Barca (1995); coeditor of Literatura española: Una antología (1995).
Essays: Eduardo Mallea; Sur.

Alter, Nora M. Assistant professor of German, film, and media studies, University of Florida, Gainesville. Author of Vietnam Protest Theatre: Staging the Television War in the US and Abroad, 1965–1979 (1996) and chapters in books and articles in journals on film, theater, and the essay film. Essay: Essay Film.

Amana, Harry. Associate professor, School of Journalism, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Author of articles in the Journalism Quarterly, CLIO Among the Media, and entries in History of the Mass Media in the United States: An Encyclopedia (1977) and American Magazine Journalists, Dictionary of Literary Biography.
Essays: James Baldwin; Frederick Douglass.

Amore, Adelaide P. Professor of English and women’s studies and director of English secondary education, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven. Editor of the book review section, Connecticut English Journal. Author of Models of Teaching English (1981), six articles in The Oxford Companion to Women’s Writing in the United States (1994), two articles in Reference Guide to English Literature (1991), four articles in the journal The Leaflet, and many columns on women’s issues from a feminist point of view for the New Haven Register. Editor of A Woman’s Inner World: Selected Poetry and Prose of Anne Bradstreet (1983) and Oroonoko by Aphra Behn (1987). Essays: Margaret Fuller; S.J.Perelman.

Anderson, Chris. Associate professor of English, Oregon State University, Corvallis. Author, editor, or coeditor of eight books, including Style as Argument: Contemporary American Nonfiction (1987), Literary Nonfiction (1989), Free/Style: A Direct Approach to Writing (1992), and a book of personal essays, Edge Effects: Notes from an Oregon Forest (1993).

Angyal, Andrew J. Professor of English, Elon College, North Carolina. Author of biographies of Loren Eiseley (1983), Lewis Thomas (1989), and Wendell Berry (1995), “Loren Eiseley’s Immense Journey: The Making of a Literary Naturalist” in The Literature of Science (1993), and articles in the CLA Journal, South Carolina Review, Christianity and Literature, Robert Frost Review, and Poe Studies.
Essays: Wendell Berry; Loren Eiseley.

Atwan, Robert. Founder and series editor of The Best American Essays. Author of essays and reviews in many national publications, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Atlantic Monthly, National Review, Kenyon Review, and Iowa Review, as well as articles on literature and psychology in Research Communications in Psychology and Psychiatry and Behavior, and critical essays in several published volumes. Editor or coeditor of many college textbooks in composition and literature, including The Harper American Literature (1987), Popular Writing in America (1974), Why We Write, Our Times, and The Writer’s Presence. American editor of Openings: Original Essays by Contemporary Soviet and American Writers (1990). Coeditor of two collections of poetry inspired by the Bible, Chapters into Verse (1993) and Divine Inspiration.

Baker, Janet. Associate professor of English, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Essay: Archibald MacMechan.

Bardolph, Jacqueline. Professor, University of Nice. Author of Ngugi wa Thiong’o, l’homme et l’oesuvre (1991), “Language Is Courage (The Satanic Verses)” in Reading Rushdie: Perspectives on the Fiction of Salman Rushdie, edited by D. M.Fletcher (1994), and 60 articles in various journals, mainly on Nuruddin Farah, V.S.Naipaul, and East African literature. Editor of Short Fiction in the New Literatures in English (1990).
Essay: Ngugi wa Thiong’o.

Beasley, Maurine H. Professor of journalism, University of Maryland, College Park.
President of the Assocation for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, 1993–94. Formerly staff writer, Washington Post. Corresponding editor of Journalism History. Author (with Sheila Gibbons) of Taking Their Place: A Documentary History of Women and Journalism (1993), Eleanor Roosevelt and the Media: A Public Quest for Self-Fulfillment (1987), and White House Press Conferences of Eleanor Roosevelt (1983).
Essay: Mary McCarthy.

Bedani, Gino. Head of Italian Department and dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Wales, Swansea. Italian editor of Romance Studies. Author of Vico Revisited: Orthodoxy, Naturalism and Science in the “Scienza Nuova” (1989), Politics and Ideology in the Italian Workers’ Movement (1995), and articles in Italian Studies, Quinquereme, and Lettera. Editor of and contributor to The Italian Lyric Tradition (1993).
Essay: Benedetto Croce.

Beddow, Michael. Professor of German, University of Leeds. Author of Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus (1994). Essay: Thomas Mann.
Black, Ronald J. Professor of English, McKendree College, Lebanon, Illinois. Author of an entry on George Meredith in Victorian Prose Writers After 1867, Dictionary of Literary Biography vol. 57 (1987), and articles in the Literary Magazine Review, McKendree Review, American Comparative Literature Association Newsletter, and CEA Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2124 Critic.
Essay: Mark Twain.

Blinderman, Charles. Professor of English and adjunct professor of biology, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts. Author of Biolexicon: A Guide to the Language of Biology (1990), The Piltdown Inquest (1987), and articles in the Journal of Popular Culture, Journal of Church and State, Journal of the History of Ideas, and Perspectives in Biology and Medidne. Essay: T.H.Huxley.

Block, Ed, Jr. Associate professor of English, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Associate editor, 1990–95, and editor, since 1995, Renascence. Author of Rituals of Dis-Integration: Romance and Madness in the Victorian Psychomythic Tale (1993), “Experience, Existence, and Mystery: Biblical Ideas of Justice in Postcolonial Fiction” in Postcolonial Literature and the Biblical Call for Justice, edited by Susan V.Gallagher (1993), and “Gadamer, Christian Tradition, and the Critic” in Renascence
(1989). Editor of Critical Essays on John Henry Newman (1992).
Essay: Thomas Carlyle.

Bonadeo, Alfredo. Professor emeritus of Italian, University of California, Santa Barbara.
Member of the editorial board, Studi Italiani. Author of D’Annunzio and the Great War (1995) and “Guicciardini on War and Conquest” in Il Pensiero Politico 14 (1981).
Essay: Francesco Guicciardini.

Borsò, Vittoria. Professor, Romanisches Seminar, Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf. Author of Metapher: Erfahrungsund Erkenntnismittel: Die Wirklichkeitskonstitution im französischen Roman des XIX. Jahrhunderts (1985), Mexiko jenseits der Einsamkeit: Versuch einer interkulturellen Analyse (1994), and many articles in published volumes and journals.
Essays: Michel Butor; Madame de Staël.

Brady, Maura. Former instructor and Ph.D. candidate in English literature, University of Iowa, Iowa City.
Essay: James Agee.

Bretz, Mary Lee. Professor and chair of Spanish, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Author of Voices, Silences and Echoes: A Theory of the Essay and the Critical Reception of Naturalism in Spain (1992), Concha Espina (1980), La evolución novelística de Pío Baroja (1979), and articles on 19th– and 20th-century Spanish literature in Anales de la Literatura Española Contemporánea, Hispanic Journal, Symposium, Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, and other journals.
Essays: Azorín; Ángel Ganivet; Emilia Pardo Bazán.

Brown, Stephen W. Professor of English and master of Champlain College, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario. Author of a forthcoming biography of William Smellie, and many articles on 17th–20th-century literatures of England, Scotland, and Australia. Editor of a forthcoming collection of 18th-century Scottish essays on literary and scientific topics.
Essays: The Adventurer; Biography and the Essay; Critical Essay; Encyclopedias and the Essay; Historical Essay; Periodicals; Satire; Satiric Essay.

Brownley, Martine Watson. Professor of English, Emory University, Atlanta. Author of Clarendon and the Rhetoric of Historical Form (1985). Editor of Two Dialogues by Clarendon (1984), Complete History of England by Tobias Smollett (forthcoming) and coeditor of Mothering the Mind (1984).
Essay: Character Sketch.

Brownson, Siobhan Craft. Graduate student in English, University of South Carolina, Columbia.
Essay: Cynthia Ozick.

Bruce, Michael. Lecturer, Goldsmiths College, University of London. British editor of Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2125 the Scriblerian (Temple University, Pennsylvania), 1983–89. Author of articles in The
Hanoverian Encyclopedia (1995) and European Bibliography of Resources in English Studies (1995).
Essays: An Essay ofDramatic Poesy; An Essay on Criticism.

Buechler, Ralph W. Associate professor of German, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
Author of Science, Satire, and Wit: The Essays of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1990) and articles in German Quarterly, Monatshefte, Seminar, Selecta, and other journals.
Essays: Aphorism; Hans Magnus Enzensberger; Georg Forster; Treatise.

Burke, John J., Jr. Professor of English and director of English honors, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Author of Signs and Symbols in Chaucer’s Poetry (1981), The Unknown Samuel Johnson (1983), Boswell’s “Life of Johnson”: New Questions, New Answers (1985), Fresh Reflections on Samuel Johnson (1987), New Light on Boswell (1992), and articles in CLIO, Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, Philological Quarterly, Studies in the Novel, South Atlantic Review, and the Age of Johnson.
Essay: The Rambler.

Bush, William. Professor emeritus of French, University of Western Ontario, London.
Member of the editorial advisory board, Twentieth-Century Literature. Author of Souffrance et expiation dans la pensée de Bernanos (1962), L’Angoisse du mystère: Essai sur Bernanos et M.Duine (1966), Genèse et structures d’Un mauvais rêve: Bernanos et “le cercle enchanté” (1982), George Bernanos (1969), Genèse et structures de Sous le soleil de Satan d’après la manuscrit Bodmer (1988). Editor of the critical editions of
Sous le soleil de Satan by George Bernanos (1982) and Relation du martyre des seize Carmélites de Compiègne (1993) by Marie de l’Incarnation; editor of the Bernanos section of A Critical Bibliography of French Literature (1980).
Essay: Georges Bernanos.

Butrym, Alexander J. Professor emeritus of English, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey. Editor of Essays on the Essay: Redefining the Genre, 1989.
Carballo, Robert. Associate professor of English and graduate coordinator, Millersville University, Pennsylvania. Author of articles in the Angelus, American Benedictine Review, Faith and Reason, Humanitas, Neohelicon: Acta Comparationis Litterarium.
Essay: Matthew Arnold.

Carnall, Geoffrey. Honorary fellow (formerly reader in English literature), Department of English Literature, University of Edinburgh. Author of Robert Southey and His Age (1960) and The Mid-Eighteenth Century (vol. 8 of the Oxford History of English Literature), with John Butt (1979).
Essays: The Edinburgh Review; The Quarterly Review.

Chachagua, Federico A. Ph.D. candidate in Latin American culture and literature, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Author of articles in Alba de America and Conftuencia.
Essay: José Martí.

Chadbourne, Richard M. Professor emeritus of French, University of Calgary, Alberta.
Author of Ernest Renan as an Essayist (1957), Ernest Renan (1968), Charles-Augustin SainteBeuve (1977), “A Puzzling Literary Genre: Comparative Views of the Essay” in Comparative Literature Studies (1983), and articles on various French essayists in Man and Nature, French Literature Series, and PMLA.
Essays: French Essay; Marivaux; Michel de Montaigne; Ernest Renan; Charles-Augustin SainteBeuve.

Chance, Linda H. Associate professor of Japanese language and literature, University of Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2126 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Author of Formless in Form: Kenkō, Tsurezuregusa, and the
Rhetoric of Japanese Fragmentary Prose (1997), and articles Journal of the American Oriental Society and Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics.
Essays: Japanese Essay; Kenkō; Sei Shōnagan.

Chapman, David W. Associate professor of English, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama. Editor of Alabama English, since 1992; consulting reader of English Journal, since 1992, College Composition and Communication, since 1990, and Journal of Advanced Composition, since 1990. Author of The Power of Writing, with Lynn Waller (1994, revised 1995) and articles in Rhetoric Review, Journal of Advanced Composition, and ADE Bulletin.
Essays: Chapter; Moral Essay; George Orwell.

Chittick, Kathryn. Associate professor of English, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario. Member of the editorial board of English Studies in Canada and the forthcoming Oxford University Press Dickens Companion. Author of The Critical Reception of Charles Dickens, 1833–1841 (1989), Dickens and the 1830s (1990), and articles in Nineteenth-Century Fiction and the Dickensian.
Essay: William Makepeace Thackeray.

Classen, Albrecht. Professor of German studies, University of Arizona, Tucson. Editor of Tristania and Synopsis, coeditor of Mediaevisktik, and member of the advisory board of FifteenthCentury Studies. Author of Zur Rezeption norditalienischer Kultur des Trecento im Werk Oswalds von Wolkenstein (1987), Utopie und Logos (1990), Autobiographische Lyrik des europäischen Spätmittelalters (1991), The German Volksbuch (1995), and about 120 articles in various journals. Editor of Eroticism and Love in the Middle Ages (1994), Das deutsche Mittelalter in seinen Dichtungen (1994),
Canon and Canon Transgression (1993), Women as Protagonists and Poets in the German Middle Ages (1991), and Medieval German Literature (1989). Translator of works by Moriz von Craun (1992) and of Tristans als Mönch (1994).
Essays: Jacob Christoph Burckhardt; Ernst Robert Curtius; Robert Musil.

Clowes, Edith W. Professor of Russian and comparative literature and director of the program in comparative literature, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. Author of Russian Experimental Fiction: Resisting Ideology After Utopia (1993), The Revolution of Moral Consciousness: Nietzsche in Russian Literature (1988), and articles in Slavic and East European Journal, Russian Literature, Russian Review, Critique, Modern Language Journal, and Soviet Studies. Editor of Doctor Zhivago: A Critical Companion (1995), Between Tsar and People: Educated Society and the Quest for Public Identity in Late Imperial Russia (1991), and Maxim Gorky: A Reference Guide (1987).
Essays: Fedor Dostoesvkii; Aleksandr Herzen.

Connor, William. Associate professor of English and associate dean of arts, University of Alberta, Edmonton. Author of Influential Writing (1995) and Harbrace College Workbook for Canadian Writers (1988, revised edition 1990), and articles in Canadian Literature, Studies in Canadian Literature, World Literature Written in English, and other journals. Contributing editor to The Harbrace Anthology of Literature (1993).
Essays: Robert Benchley; Canadian Essay (English); Robertson Davies; Roderick Haig- Brown; Hugh MacLennan.

Cooksey, Thomas L. Associate professor of English and philosophy, Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah, Georgia. Author of “The Labyrinth in the Monad: Possible Worlds in Borges and Leibniz” in The Comparatist (1993), “The Central Man of the Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2127 World: The Victorian Myth of Dante” in Studies in Medievalism (1992), six entries in Encyclopedia of Romanticism (1992), and three entries in Dictionary of Literary Biography vol. 110 (1991).
Essays: Discourse on Method; Giacomo Leopardi; Meditations; Plato; Seneca.

Cope, Kevin L. Professor of English and comparative literature, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. Editor of the journal 1650–1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era. Author of Criteria of Certainty (1990), Enlightening Allegory (1993), Compendious Conversations (1992), and over 70 articles on the British Restoration and 18th century.
Essay: Dialogue.

Crăiuţu, Aurelian. Ph.D. candidate, Department of Politics, Princeton University, New Jersey. Adviser to Humanitas publishing house, Bucharest. Author of an article in East European Constitutional Review (1995). Translator into Romanian of Cartesian Meditations by Edmund Husserl. Essay: N.Steinhardt.

Crone, Anna Lisa. Associate professor of Russian language and literature, University of Chicago. Member of the editorial board of Russian Language Journal. Author of Rozanov and the End of Literature (1978), New Studies in Russian Language and Literature (1986), and about 50 articles on many Russian authors. Russian author for World Book Encyclopedia.
Essays: Vasilii Rozanov; Lev Shestov; Vladimir Solov’ev.

Crow, Christine. Honorary reader in French, University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Author of Paul Valéry, Consciousness and Nature (1972), Paul Valéry and Maxwell’s Demon (1972), Paul Valéry and the Poetry of Voice (1982), Miss X or the Wolf Woman (1990), and articles in French Studies, Modern Languages Review, Forum for French Studies, Bulletin des Études Valéryennes, and Lines Review, as well as in Taking Reality by Surprise, edited by Susan Sellers (1991) and Tea and Leg-Irons: New Feminist
Readings from Scotland, edited by Caroline Gonda (1992).
Essay: Paul Valéry.

Cuddy-Keane, Melba. Associate professor of English and humanities and Northrop Frye Scholar, University of Toronto at Scarborough. President of the Virginia Woolf Society, 1994–96; member of the associate editorial board of Woolf Studies Annual, since 1994.
Author of articles in Contemporary Literature, Cultural Critique, Journal of Modern Literature, PMLA, South Carolina Review, Studies in the Novel, Ambiguous Discourse, edited by Kathy Mezei (1996), Re: Reading, Re: Writing, Re: Teaching Virginia Woolf, edited by Eileen Barrett and Patricia Cramer (1995), Virginia Woolf: Texts and Contexts, edited by Eileen Barrett and Beth Rigel Daugherty (1996), and Encyclopedia of Contemporary Literary Theory, edited by Irene R.Makaryk (1993).
Essay: Virginia Woolf.

Daniel, Dalia. Member of the Department of English/Rhetoric, Southern Methodist University, Dallas. Author of two volumes of poetry, Flowers of Being (1976) and Noia (1995), and articles in World Literature Today, Hebrew Studies, and Hebrew Abstracts.
Essay: Hannah Arendt.

Darby, David. Assistant professor of German and comparative literature, University of Western Ontario, London. Inaugural editor of Arachné: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Language and Literature. Author of Structures of Disintegration: Narrative Strategies in Elias Canetti’s Die Blendung (1992), and articles and reviews in Neophilologus, Modern Austrian Literature, Seminar, Textual Practice, Monatshefte, Études Littéraires, and
Literary Research. Editor of a forthcoming anthology of critical essays on Elias Canetti.
Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2128
Essay: Elias Canetti.

Daugherty, Sarah B. Professor of English, Wichita State University, Kansas. Member of the editorial board of the Henry James Review. Author of The Literary Criticism of Henry James (1981) and articles on Henry James and William Dean Howells in the Henry James Review, Harvard Library Bulletin, American Literary Realism, Dictionary of Literary Biography, and A Companion to Henry James Studies, edited by Daniel M.Fogel (1993).
Essays: William Dean Howells; Henry James.

Davidson, Pamela. Lecturer, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London. Member of the editorial board of Harwood Academic Publishers’ Studies in Russian and European Literature series. Author of The Poetic Imagination of Vyacheslav Ivanov: A Russian Symbolist’s Perception of Dante (1989), Viacheslav Ivanov: A Reference Guide to Literature (1996), and many articles on Ivanov in Oxford Slavonic Papers, Cahiers du Monde Russe, and various published volumes.
Essay: Viacheslav Ivanov.

Davies, David R. Assistant professor of journalism, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg. Essay: A.J.Liebling.
Davis, Duane H. Assistant professor of philosophy, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. Author of articles in MerleauPonty Vivant, edited by Martin C.Dillon (1991), Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, and Josephinum Journal of Theology.
Editor of The Dehiscence of Responsibility: Merleau-Ponty’s Later Thought and Its Practical Implications (1997).
Essay: Simone de Beauvoir.

de Paolo, Charles. Professor of English, Manhattan City College, City University of New York. Author of Coleridge’s Philosophy of Social Reform (1987) and articles in Encyclopedia of Time (1994) and in CLIO, Theoria, and other journals.
Essays: Samuel Taylor Coleridge; Leigh Hunt.

Dierick, Augustinus P. Associate professor and chair, Department of German, University of Toronto. Associate editor of Canadian Journal of Netherlandic Studies.
Author of German Expressionist Prose: Theory and Practice (1987), Gottfried Benn and His Critics: Major Interpretations (1992), and articles in Modern Austrian Literature, Neophilologus, Orbis Litterarum, Seminar, Germanic Review, and Mosaic.
Essays: Gottfried Benn; Heinrich Mann.

Doebeling, Marion. Assistant professor of German and humanities, Reed College, Portland, Oregon. Author of Theodor Fontane im Gegenlicht (1996) and an article on Fontane in Germanic Review.
Essay: Walter Benjamin.

Dowdey, Diane. Associate professor of English and director of composition, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas. Author of The Researching Reader (1990), Constructing Rhetorical Education (1992), and articles in the Journal of Technical Communication and Markham Review. Essays: Stephen Jay Gould; Science Essay.

Duemer, Joseph. Associate professor of humanities, Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York. Poetry editor of the Wallace Stevens Journal, and associate editor of the journal’s poetry series. Author of the poetry collections Customs (1988) and Static (1995), the chapbooks Fool’s Paradise (1980) and The Light of Common Day (1985), and poems in
American Poetry Review, Iowa Review, Antioch Review, New England Review, Mid- American Review, and Poetry Northwest. Editor of Dog Music (1996). Essay: Ezra Pound.
Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2129

Dyer, Klay. Ph.D. candidate, University of Ottawa. Author of the introduction to The Untempered Wind by Joanna Ellen Wood (1994), “Passing Time and Present Absence:
Looking to the Future in In the Village of Viger” in Canadian Literature (1994), and reviews in the Journal of Canadian Poetry.
Essays: Joseph Howe; Peter McArthur; The Week.

Earle, Peter G. Professor emeritus, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Member of the editorial/advisory boards of Hispanic Review, Revista Hispánica Moderna, and formerly of Los Ensayistas and Latin American Literary Review. Author of Unamuno and English Literature (1960), Prophet in the Wilderness: The Works of Ezequiel Martínez Estrada (1971), Historia del ensayo hispanoamericano, with Robert G.Mead, Jr. (1973), Gabriel García Márquez (1981), and many articles in Hispanic Review, Insula, Cuadernos Americanos, Sur, Hispania, Ideas/Imágenes, the encyclopedia Latin American Writers (1989), and A History of Literature in the Caribbean vol. 1 (1994).

Eckley, Wilton. Professor of liberal arts, Colorado School of Mines, Golden. Author of The American Circus (1984), Herbert Hoover (1980), T.S.Stribling (1975), Harriette Arnow (1974), and Guide to e e cummings (1969), and some 40 articles and essays on literature and history in various journals.
Essays: Benjamin Franklin; Plutarch.

Egan, Ronald. Professor of Chinese and chair, Program in East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara. Author of Word, Image, and Deed in the Life of Su Shi (1994), The Literary Works of Ou-yang Hsiu (1007–72) (1984), and several articles in the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies. Translator of a work by Ouyang Xiu in The Columbia Anthology of Traditional Chinese Literature, edited by Victor Mair (1994).
Essay: Ouyang Xiu.

Eichner, Hans. Professor emeritus of German, University of Toronto. Member of the advisory board of Arbitrium, Zeitschrift für Germanistik, and other journals. Author of Thomas Mann: Eine Einführung in sein werk (1953, revised 1961), Four Modern Authors: Mann—Rilke—Kafka—Brecht (1964), Friedrich Schlegel (1970), and Deutsche Literatur im klassisch-romantischen Zeitalter, 1. Teil (1990). Editor of Kritische Friedrich-Schlegel-Ausgabe, vols. 2–6, 16 (1961–81), “Romantic” and Its Cognates: The European History of a Word (1972.), Ausgewählte Schriften by Johann Georg Hamann (1994), and other volumes.
Essay: Athenäum.

Eile, Stanistaw. Senior lecturer in Polish, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London. Author of Modernist Trends in Twentieth-Century Polish Fiction (1996) and articles in New Literary History, Soviet Jewish Affairs, Revue des Études Slaves, and other journals. Essay: Stanisław Brzozowski.

Elorza, Antonio. Professor and chair, Department of the History of Ideas, Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Author of La razón y la sombra: Una lectura política de Ortega y Gasset (1984), La ideología liberal en la Ilustración espñola (1970), La modernización política de España (1989), and La religione política (1996).
Essay: El Sol.

Elsworth, John. Professor of Russian studies, University of Manchester. Author of Andrey Bely (1972,) and Andrey Bely: A Critical Study of the Novels (1983).
Essay: Andrei Belyi.

Emig, Rainer. Lecturer, School of English, University of Wales, Cardiff. Author of Modernism in Poetry: Motivations, Structures and Limits (1995). Essay: Cyril Connolly.

Engel, Sandra A. Head of the Humanities Department, Mohawk Valley Community Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2130 College, Utica, New York. Author of articles in the Journal of Basic Writing, Negative
Capability, English Journal, Moving Out, and the St. Petersburg Times. Essay: Edward Hoagland.

Epley, Steven. Assistant professor of English, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama. Author of several book reviews in Envoi: A Review Journal of Medieval Literature.
Essay: Tract.

Evans, Colin. Reader in French, University of Wales, Cardiff. Author of Taine: Essai de biographie intérieure (1975), Language People (1988), and English People (1993).
Editor of Developing University English Teaching (1995).
Essay: Hippolyte Taine.

Evans, Timothy J. Professor of English, Richard Bland College of the College of William and Mary, Petersburg, Virginia. Contributing bibliographer to CCCC Annual Annotated Bibliography of Composition and Rhetoric. Member of the board of editorial consultants, Victorian Institute Journal. Author of entries on Paul Theroux and Anthony Trollope in the Dictionary of Literary Biography (1979, 1987).
Essays: Henry David Thoreau; William Butler Yeats.

Fakundiny, Lydia. Senior lecturer, Department of English, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Editor of The Art of the Essay (1991). Author of The Restorationist, Text One: A Collaborative Fiction by Jael B.Juba, with Joyce Elbrecht (1994). Editor of Discoveries, a journal of distinguished student writing from the Cornell writing program.
Essays: Autobiographical Essay; Sir William Cornwallis the Younger; Washington Irving.

Farrar, Jennifer. Instructor in Spanish, Kennesaw State University, Georgia.
Essay: Rosario Castellanos.

Faulkner, Peter. Reader, University of Exeter. Editor of the Journal of the William Morris Society, since 1987. Author of Modernism (1973), Angus Wilson: Mimic and Moralist (1983), and Yeats (1987). Editor of Selected Poems of William Morris (1993).
Essays: On the Sublime; Leslie Stephen.

Faulkner, Robert K. Professor of political science, Boston College. Member of the board of editors of Polity. Past president of the New England Political Science Association. Author of Francis Bacon and the Project of Progress (1993), Richard Hooker and the Politics of a Christian England (1981), The Jurisprudence of John Marshall (1968), chapters in The End of “Isms”? (1994), The Constitution and Justice (1989), Reason and Republicanism: Thomas Jefferson’s Legacy of Liberty (1996), and
articles in Political Studies, Interpretation, American Political Science Review, Polity, William and Mary Quarterly, and other journals.
Essay: Francis Bacon.

Ferns, John. Professor of English, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Member of the editorial board of the Hopkins Quarterly. Author of A.J.M.Smith (1979) and Lytton Strachey (1988). Editor, with Brian Crick, of Studies in Literature and the Humanities by George Whalley (1985).
Essay: E.K.Brown.

Fletcher, John. Professor of European literature, University of East Anglia, Norwich. General editor of Calder and Boyars publishers’ Critical Appraisals Series, 1974–80.
Author of The Novels of Samuel Beckett (1964), Claude Simon and Fiction Now (1975), Novel and Reader (1980), and Alain Robbe-Grillet (1983). Essays: Albert Camus; Henry de Montherlant.

Foote, I.P. Formerly university lecturer in Russian, Oxford University; emeritus fellow, Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2131 Queen’s College, Oxford. Joint editor of the Oxford Slavonic Papers, 1972–91, and the
Slavonic and East European Review, 1980–90. Author of articles on Saltykov-Shchedrin in Forum for Modern Language Studies, Oxford Slavonic Papers, and Slavonic and East European Review. Editor of Selected Satirical Writings by Saltykov-Shchedrin (1977).
Translator of works by SaltykovShchedrin, Lermontov, and Tolstoi.
Essay: Saltykov- Shchedrin.

Fulton, Richard D. Dean of Faculty, Clark College, Vancouver, Washington. Editor of Victorian Periodicals Reviews. Author of Union List of Victorian Serials (1985) and many articles and reviews. Editor of A British Studies Sampler (1994) and the American Slavery issue of Nineteenth-Century Contexts.
Essay: The Spectator.

Gale, Steven H. Endowed chair in the humanities, Kentucky State University, Frankfort.
General editor of Garland Publishers’ Garland Studies in Humor. Founder and series coeditor, Pinter Review. Author of books and bibliographies on Harold Pinter, S.J.Perelman, and David Mamet, and dozens of articles in books and journals. Editor of Encyclopedia of American Humorists (1988) and Encyclopedia of British Humorists (1995).
Essay: The New Yorker.

García Monsivais, Blanca M. Professor, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa, Mexico. Member of the editorial board of Signos and Acciones Textuales.
Author of El ensayo mexicano en el siglo XX (1995) and articles in various journals.
Essay: Carlos Fuentes.

Garval, Michael D. Assistant professor of French, North Carolina State University, Raleigh. Author of “Balzac’s Archival Rival” in Nineteenth Century French Studies and “The Rise and Fall of the Literary Movement in PostRevolutionary France” in Selected Proceedings of the 1993 International Association of Word and Image Studies Conference.
Essay: The Physiology of Taste.

Gilfillan, Daniel D. Ph.D. candidate, Department of Germanic Literature, University of Oregon, Eugene. Author of articles in Praxis and the German Quarterly. Essay: Alfred Andersch.

Glenn, Kathleen M. Professor of Romance languages, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Coeditor of Anales de la Literatura Española Contemporánea; member of the editorial board of Letras Peninsulares, and of the advisory board of the Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies. Author of The Novelistic Technique of Azorín (1973), Azorín (1981), and articles in Anales de la Literatura Española Contemporánea, Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, Hispanófila, Romance Notes, Letras Peninsulares, Catalan Review, Monographic Review, Romance Languages Annual, and other journals.
Essay: Carmen Martín Gaite.

Goetschel, Willi. Associate professor of German, Columbia University, New York.
Author of Constituting Critique: Kant’s Writing as Critical Praxis, translated by Eric Schwab (1994) and articles in the Germanic Review, Babylon, Telos, Weimarer Beiträge, and in various books. Editor of Perspektiven der Dialogik (1994) and Werke by Hermann
Levin Goldschmidt (9 vols., 1993–).
Essays: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing; Karl Marx;
Moses Mendelssohn; Review; Georg Simmel; Margarete Susman.

Gomes, Miguel. Assistant professor, University of Connecticut, Storrs. Author of El poso de las palabras: Ensayos críticos (1990). Editor of Antología poética de Oswald de Andrade (1988) and the forthcoming Estética del modernlsmo and Estética Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2132hispanoamericana del siglo XIX.
Essay: Mariano Picón-Salas.

Gómez-Martínez, José Luis. Research professor of Spanish, University of Georgia, Athens. Editor of Los Ensayistas and Anuario Bibliográfico; member of the editorial board of Concordia: Internationale Zeitschrift für Philosophie, Estudios Interdisciplinarios de América Latina y el Caribe, South Atlantic Review, and Cuyo:
Anuario de Historia de la Filosofía Argentina y Americana. Author of Américo Castro y el origen de los españoles (1975), Teoría del ensayo (1980), Bolivia: Un pueblo en busca de su identidad (1988), Ortega y Gasset y la formación de una conciencia iberoamericana (1996), and over 100 articles in various journals. Essays: Cuadernos Americanos; Eugenio María de Hostos; Leopoldo Zea.

Good, Graham. Professor of English, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
Author of The Observing Self: Rediscovering the Essay (1988).

Greene-Gantzberg, Vivian. Associate professor of Germanic languages, University of Maryland, College Park. Author of Herman Bang oj det fremmede (1992) and “Ludvig Holberg and German-Speaking Europe,” in Ludvig Holberg: A European Writer, edited by Sven Hakon Rossel (1994). Editor of Udenrigspolitisk journalistik by Herman Bang (1990).
Essays: Gunnar Heiberg; Nils Kjær; Per Lange; Scandinavian Essay; Knud
Sønderby; Villy Sørensen.

Grevisse, Benoît. Member of the Department of Communications, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.
Essay: Polemical Essay.

Gutiérrez, Carlos M. Teaches at Arizona State University, Tempe. Author of Dejémonos de cuentos (1994) and “Bibliografía del cervantismo finisecular” in Estudios de Literatura (1995).
Essay: José Luis González.

Haddox, John H. Professor of philosophy, University of Texas, El Paso. Member of the editorial board of the Southwestern Journal of Philosophy and the Texas Western Press.
Author of Vasconcelos of Mexico: Philosopher and Prophet (1967), Antonio Caso:
Philosopher of Mexico (1971), chapters in Religion in Latin American Life and Literature (1980), Integrated Studies (1982), Profit and Responsibility (1985), El APRA y lo ideología a la praxis (1989), and articles in 17 journals.
Essays: Alfonso Reyes; George Santayana; José Vasconcelos.

Hagberg, Garry L. Associate professor of philosophy, Bard College, Annandale-on- Hudson, New York. Author of Art as Language: Wittgenstein, Meaning, and Aesthetic Theory (1995), Meaning and Interpretation: Wittgenstein, Henry James, and Literary Knowledge (1994), and articles in Philosophy, British Journal of Aesthetics, Journal of
Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Philosophical Investigations, Journal of Aesthetic Education, Mind, Philosophy and Literature, and other journals in philosophy and aesthetics.
Essay: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.

Hammond, Nicholas. Fellow, Gonville and Caius College and lecturer in French, University of Cambridge. Author of Playing with Truth: Language and the Human Condition in Pascal’s Pensées (1994) and several articles on 17th-century French literature. Coeditor of Dissertations contre Corneille by l’Abbé D’Aubignac (1995).
Essays: Blaise Pascal; Madame de Sévigné.

Harkins, William E. Professor emeritus of Slavic languages, Columbia University, New York. Author of The Russian Folk Epos in Czech Literature (1951), A Modern Czech Grammar (1953), Karel Čapek (1962), and entries in the Dictionary of Russian Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2133 Literature (1957). Editor of Anthology of Czech Literature (1953) and of American contributions to the Sixth International Congress of Slavists vol. 2 (1968). Essays: Karel Čapek; Lev Tolstoi; Ludvík Vačulik.

Harman, Mark. Visiting faculty, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Author of articles in the Sewanee Review, Georgia Review, German Quarterly, and newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and Irish Times. Editor of Robert Walser Rediscovered: Stories, Fairy-Tale Plays, and Critical Responses (1985). Translator of Soul of the Age: Selected Letters (1896-1962) by Hermann Hesse (1991).
Essay: Heinrich von Kleist.

Harrington, Thomas S. Assistant professor of Spanish, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut. Author of The Pedagogy of Nationhood: Concepts of National Identity in the Iberian Peninsula, 1874–1925 (1994) and “Laying the Foundations for an Integrated and Multi-Polar Approach to the Study and Teaching of Peninsular Culture: Labanyi and Graham’s Spanish Cultural Studies: An Introduction” in Siglo XX/Twentieth Century 14,
nos. 1–2 (1996).
Essays: El Espectador; Revista de Occidente.

Harris, Jane Gary. Professor of Russian, University of Pittsburgh. Member of the editorial boards of Essays in Poetics, Slavic and East European Journal, and other journals. Author of Osip Mandelstam (1988) and Autobiographical Statements in 20thcentury Russian Literature (1990). Editor and cotranslator of The Complete Critical Prose and Letters by Mandel’shtam, 1979 (as The Collected Critical Prose and Letters, 1991). Essay: Osip Mandel’shtam.

Haskell, Dale E. Associate professor of English, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau. Director, Southeast Missouri Writing Project. Associate editor of Cape Rock. Author of articles in English Journal and Missouri English Bulletin, and poetry in Aethlon, Kentucky Poetry Review, Wisconsin Review^ Rectangle, Cape Rock, and other journals.
Essays: M.F.K.Fisher; E.B.White.

Hassler, Donald M. Professor of English, Kent State University, Ohio. Editor of Extrapolation, since 1990. Author of Erasmus Darwin (1974), Comic Tones in Science Fiction (1982), Patterns of the Fantastic (1983), Hal Clement (1982), Death and the Serpent (1985), and Isaac Asimov (1991). Editor of The Letters of Arthur Machen and Montgomery Evans (1993).
Essays: Letter; Lionel Trilling.

Hawkins-Dady, Mark. Freelance editor and writer. Author of articles on drama and the performing arts in New Theatre Quarterly, John Osborne: A Casebook, edited by Patricia Denison (1997), and various reference books. Editor of the International Dictionary of Theatre vols. 1–2 (1992–94) and Reader’s Guide to Literature in English (1996).
Essay: Kenneth Tynan.

Henderson, Heather. Associate professor of English, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts. Book review editor of the Dickens Quarterly, 1991–94; trustee of the Dickens Society, 1993–95. Author of The Victorian Self: Autobiography and Biblical Narrative (1989), “The Travel Writer and the Text” in Temperamental Journeys:
Essays on the Modern Literature of Travel (1992), and articles in the African Literature Association Bulletin, Cycnos, New Orleans Review, Victorians Institute Journal, Publishing History, and other journals. Coeditor of the Victorian section of the HarperCollins Anthology of British Literature (1997).
Essay: Travel Essay.

Hendon, Paul. Lecturer, University of Exeter.
Essay: W.H. Auden.
Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2134

Hergenhan, Laurie. Professor of Australian literature, University of Queensland, Brisbane. Series editor of the University of Queensland Press Australian Authors series.
Editor of Australian Literary Studies, since 1963. Author of Unnatural Lives: Studies in Australian Fiction About the Convicts (1983), No Casual Traveller: C.Hartley Grattan and Australia—U.S. Connections (1995), and numerous articles on English and particularly Australian literature in various journals. Editor of A Colonial City: High and Low Life: Selected Journalism by Marcus Clarke (1972), Penguin Literary History of Australia (1988), The ALS Guide to Australian Writers, with others (1993), and Changing Places: Australian Writers in Europe, 1960-1990, with Irmtraud Petersson (1994). Essay: Marcus Clarke.

Heseltine, Harry. Formerly rector and professor of English, Australian Defence Force Academy, University of New South Wales, Canberra. Author of The Uncertain Self: Essays in Literature and Criticism (1986), Annals of Australian Literature, with Joy Hooton (2nd edition 1992), and other books on Australian literature. Editor of The Penguin Book of Australian Verse (1972) and The Penguin Book of Australian Short Stories (1976).
Essay: Australian Essay.

Hesse, Douglas. Professor of English, Illinois State University, Normal. Editor of WPA: Writing Program Administration. Author of chapters in Literary Nonfiction, edited by Chris Anderson (1989), Essays on the Essay: Redefining the Genre, edited by Alexander J.Butrym (1989), Narrative as Argument, Rebirth of Rhetoric (1992), Short Story Theory at a Crossroads (1989), Writing Theory and Critical Theory (1994), and articles in the Journal of Advanced Composition, Rhetoric Review, College Composition and Communication, and English Journal.
Essay: British Essay.

Heyer, Astrid. Part-time faculty member, Department of French, University of Western Ontario, London. Author of articles on Georges Bernanos in the Chesterton Review, Revue des Lettres Modernes, Renascence, and of a chapter in A Critical Bibliography of French Literature: The Nineteenth Century, edited by David Baguley (1994). Translator of articles by William Bush, Kathryn Brush, and Wolfgang Kemp.
Essay: Henri Massis.

Hinchcliffe, Peter. Associate professor, St. Jerome’s College, University of Waterloo, Ontario. Fiction editor of the New Quarterly. Author of articles in the University of Toronto Quarterly, Journal of Canadian Fiction, English Studies in Canada, and Profiles in Canadian Literature.
Essay: Robert Louis Stevenson.

Hinchliffe, Darrell. Lecturer in literature, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent.
Essay: Thomas Nashe.

Holman, Petr. Professor, Institute of Czech Literature, Academy of Sciences, Prague. Author of two books about Otokar Březina (1992, 1993). Editor of a collection of essays by Březina (1996) as well as other documents.
Essay: Otokar Březina.

Holmes, John R. Associate professor of English, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. Author of articles in Early American Literature and Studia Mystica. Editor of the forthcoming Letters of Charles Brockden Brown.
Essays: The Anatomy of Melancholy; Cicero; Thomas Merton; The Poetic Art.

Holý, Jiří. Scientific worker, Institute of Czech Literature, Academy of Sciences, Prague. Author of five books on Czech literature and writers. Essay: Václav Havel.

Horowitz, Brian. Assistant professor of Russian, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Book review editor of Soviet Post-Soviet. Author of The Myth of Alexander Pushkin in Russia’s Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2135
Silver Age (1996) and articles on Mikhail Gershenzon and book reviews in various journals.
Essays: Mikhail Gershenzon; Russian Essay.

Howells, Bernard. Lecturer in French, King’s College, London. Author of articles in French Studies, Romanic Review, Revista di Letterature Moderne e Comparate, Études Baudelairiennes, and chapters in Écrire la peinture (1991) and Ideology and Religion (1989).
Essay: Charles Baudelaire.

Hunt, Alina C. Lecturer, University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Author of “Toward an Unfinalizable Dialogue: Robert Musil’s Essayism and Bakhtinian Dialogism” in College Literature (May 1995), “Robert Musil’s Utopian Essayism: An Unresolvable Dialectics” in MIFLC Review (March 1995), and “Nineteenth-Century Utopian Visions and the Arcades of Paris” in Constructions (1990).
Essay: Philosophical Essay.

Ives, Maura. Associate professor of English, Texas A&M University, College Station. Author of George Meredith’s Essay on Comedy and Other New Quarterly Magazine Publications (1997), an entry on Meredith in the Encyclopedia of British Humorists, edited by Steven H.Gale (1995), and articles in Literature in the Marketplace (1995), Keeping the Victorian House (1995), and the journals Studies in Bibliography and Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America.
Essay: An Essay on Comedy.

Jackson, Gregory S. Lecturer, Department of English, University of California, Los Angeles. Author of various articles on 18th– and 19th-century British and American literature and culture.
Essays: Charles Darwin; Erasmus; Literary Theory and the Essay.

Janowski, Zbigniew. Ph.D. candidate, Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago. Coeditor of the Philosophy Plus series for Pero Publishing House, Sofia, Bulgaria. Author of several book reviews and of articles in Kultura, Arka, and Panorama.
Essays: Julien Benda; Boy-Żelenski; Leszek Kotakowski.

Jones, Gloria Godfrey. Assistant professor of English, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina. Author of articles in the Explicator and CEA Critic, and in Language Variation in North America, edited by Wayne Glowka and Donald Lance (1993).
Essay: Gore Vidal.

Jonson, Jep C. Graduate student in English, University of South Carolina, Columbia.
Editorial assistant of Studies in Scottish Literature. Author of an entry on John Watson (lan Maclaren) in the Dictionary of Literary Biography vol. 156 (1996) and an article on Robert Burns in Studies in Scottish Literature. Essay: John Eglinton.

Julian, Linda A. Associate professor of English and chair of the Department of English, Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina. Author of Strategies for Teaching Writing (4th edition, 1996), “The Impact of Icelandic Sagas on the Socialist Aesthetics of William Morris” in Pre-Raphaelite Art in Its European Context, edited by Susan Casteras and Alicia Faxon (1995), and entries on Mary Louisa Molesworth and G.S. Street in British Short Fiction Writers, 1880-1914, edited by William B.Thesing, Dictionary of Literary Biography vol. 135 (1994).
Essays: Charles Dickens; William Morris.

Kadarkay, Arpad. Professor of political theory, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington. Author of George Lukács: Life, Thought and Politics (1991) and Human Rights in American and Russian Political Thought (1982.). Editor and translator of The Lukács Reader (1995).
Essay: Georg Lukács.

Karcz, Andrzej. Ph.D. candidate, Department of Slavic languages and literature, and lecturer and language instructor in Russian and Polish, University of Chicago. Author of Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2136
articles in the Polish Review and various Polish journals.
Essay: Zbigniew Herbert.

Katra, William H. Faculty member, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. Author of “Contorno”: An Argentine Journal of Literature and Politics (1987), Sarmiento: Public Writer (Between 1839 and 1852) (1985), Sarmiento de frente y perfil (1993), and The Argentine Generation of 1837: Echeverria, Alberdi, Sarmiento, Mitre (1995).
Essay: Domingo Faustino Sarmiento.

Kauffmann, R.Lane. Associate professor of Spanish and humanities, Rice University, Houston. Member of the editorial board of Transculture. Author of articles in Essays on the Essay: Redefining the Genre, edited by Alexander J.Butrym (1989), The Interpretation of Dialogue, edited by TullioMaranhão (1990), and Divergendas y unidad: Perspectivas sobre la generación del 98 y Antonio Machado, edited by John P.Gabriele (1990), in various conference proceedings, and in the journals Diogène, Diacritics, L’Esprit Créateur, Philological Quarterly, Telos, Inti: Revista de Literatura Hispánica, and the New Scholar.
Essay: José Ortega y Gasset.

Keely, Karen A. Teaching fellow and Ph.D. candidate, Department of English, University of California, Los Angeles. Editorial assistant of Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 1990–91.
Essays: The American Scholar:, The Georgia Review.

Kehlen, John Pavel. Ph.D. candidate, Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago; has also taught several courses on Japanese and Chinese literature.
Essay: Kamo no Chomei.

Keller, Arnold. Associate professor and director of the writing program, University of Victoria, British Columbia. Member of the review board of McGill Journal of Education.
Author of When Machines Teach (1987), English Simplified (latest edition 1995), and articles in McGill Journal of Education and Computers and Education.
Essay: Mordecai Richler.

Kelly, Gary. Professor of English, Keele University, Staffordshire. Author of The English Jacobin Novel, 1780–1805 (1976), English Fiction of the Romantic Period, 1789–1830 (1989), Revolutionary Feminism: The Mind and Career of Mary Wollstonecraft (1991), and Women, Writing, and Revolution, 1790-1827 (1991). General editor, Longman’s History of Women’s Writing in English.
Essay: Mary Russell Mitford.

Kelsall, Malcolm. Professor of English, University of Wales, Cardiff. Advisory editor of the Byron Journal. Author of Christopher Marlowe (1981), Congreve (1981), Studying Drama (1985), Byron’s Politics (1987), and The Great Good Place: The Country House and English Literature (1992). Editor of Encyclopedia of Literature and Criticism (1990).
Essay: Joseph Addison.

Ker, Ian. Tutor, Campion Hall, and member of the theology faculty, Oxford University; dean of graduate research, Maryvale Institute, Birmingham. Author of John Henry Newman: A Biography (1988) and The Achievement of John Henry Newman (1990). Editor of The Idea of a University by Newman (1976).
Essay: John Henry Newman.

Ketchian, Sonia I. Research fellow, Harvard University Russian Research Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Author of The Poetry of Anna Akhmatova: A Conquest of Time and Space (1986) and The Poetic Craft of Bella Akhmadulina (1993). Editor of Anna Akbmatova, 1889-1989 (1993), Studies in Russian Literature in Honor of Vsevolod Setchkarev, with Julian W.Connolly (1986), and In the Shadow ofthe Fortress: The Genocide Remembered by Bertha Nakshian Ketchian (1988).
Essay: Aleksandr Pushkin.
Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2137

Kieser, Rolf. Professor, City University of New York. Author of Englands
Appeasementpolitik und der Aufstieg des Dritten Reiches im Spiegel der britischen Presse (1933–1939) (1964), New Functional German, with Max Kirch (1967), Max Frisch: Das literarische Tagebuch (1975), Erzwungene Symbiose: Thomas Mann, Robert Musil, Georg Kaiser und Bertolt Brecht im Schweizer Exil (1984), Olga Pliimacher- Hunerwadel: Eine vergessene Lenzburger Philosophin (1990), and Benjamin Franklin Wedekind: Biographie einer Jugend (1990). Editor of Novels, Plays, Essays by Max
Frisch (1989).
Essay: Max Frisch.

Kline, George L. Milton C.Nahm Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania. Past president of the Hegel Society of America and the Metaphysical Society of America. Consulting editor of the Journal of the History of Ideas, Studies in East European Thought (formerly Studies in Soviet Thought), and Russian Studies in Philosophy (formerly Soviet Studies in Philosophy). Author of Spinoza in Soviet Philosophy (1952) and Religious and Anti-Religious Thought in Russia (1968).
Coeditor of and contributor to Russian Philosophy (3 vols., 1965). Translator of A History of Russian Philosophy by V.V.Zenkovsky (2 vols., 1953) and Selected Poems by Joseph Brodsky (1973).
Essay: Konstantin Leont’ev.

Knapp, Gerhard P. Professor of German and comparative literature, University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Member of the editorial board of Amsterdamer Beiträge zur neueren Germanistik, since 1993. Published extensively on 19th- and 20th-century German and comparative literature, philosophy, and sociology. Author and coauthor of 17 books, including The Art of Living: Erich Fromm’s Life and Works (1989) and Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1993), and 60 articles and 118 reviews/critiques. Editor and coeditor of 12, anthologies and critical editions.
Essay: Friedrich Diirrenmatt.

Koepke, Wulf. Formerly distinguished professor of German, Texas A&M University, College Station. Coeditor of Exilforschung and Herder Yearbook. President of the International J.G.Herder Society, 1985–90. Author of Erfolglosigkeit (1977), Lion Feuchtwanger (1983), Johann Gottfried Herder (1987), and Understanding Max Frisch (1990). Editor of J.G.Herder: Innovator Through the Ages (1984).
Essays: Johann Gottfried Herder; Ricarda Huch.

Koppisch, Michael S. Professor of French and chair, Department of Romance and Classical Languages, Michigan State University, East Lansing. Member of the editorial advisory committee of Studies in Early Modern France. Author of The Dissolution of Character: Changing Perspectives in La Bruyère’s Caracteres (1981) and articles in Seventeenth-Century French Literature. Coeditor of Approaches to Teaching Molière’s Tartuffe and Other Plays (1995).
Essay: Jean de La Bruyère.

Koziowski, Krzysztof. Ph.D.candidate, Zaktad Teatru i Filmu, Poznań, Poland. Author of article in Czytanie Herberta (1995).
Essay: Jerzy Stempowski.

Kuharski, Allen J. Assistant professor of theater studies, Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania. Founding associate editor of Periphery: Journal of Polish Affairs, since 1994; performance review editor of Theatre Journal, since 1995. Author of articles in Themes in Drama, San Francisco Review of Books, Theatre Journal, Dialog, The Theatre in Poland/Le Théâtre en Pologne, 2B: Polish American Academic Quarterly, New Theatre Quarterly, Yale/Theater, and Periphery.
Essay: Jan Kott.

Kuist, James M. Professor of English, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Author of Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2138
The Nichols File of The Gentleman’s Magazine (1982), The Works ofjohn Nichols (1970), and articles in PMLA, Studies in Bibliography, and the South Atlantic Quarterly. Editor of Cursory Observations on the Poems Attributed to Rowley by Edmond Malone (1968).
Essays: The ldler\ Periodical Essay; A Review of the Affairs of France; Earl of Shaftesbury.

Larkin, Edward T. Associate professor of German, University of New Hampshire, Durham. Author of War in Goethe’s Writings: Representation and Assessment (1992) and articles in Unterrichtspraxis, Michigan Germanic Studies, and the Dictionary of Literary Biography.
Essay: Johann Gottlieb Fichte.

Lazar, David. Associate professor and director of creative writing, Ohio University, Athens. Associate editor of the Ohio Review. Author of articles in the Southwest Review, Denver Quarterly, Quarterly West, Seattle Review, Aperture, Mississippi Valley Review, and other journals. Editor of Conversations with M.E.K.Fisher (1992).
Essays: Hubert Butler; Natalia Ginzburg; Primo Levi.

Levi, Anthony. Formerly Buchanan Professor of French Language and Literature, University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Author of the Guide to French Literature (2 vols., 1992–94) and several other books on French literature. Editor of Humanism in France at the End of the Middle Ages and in the Early Renaissance (1970) and critical editions of In Praise of Folly by Erasmus (1971) and Pensees and Other Writings by Pascal (1995).
Essays: Ferdinand Brunetière; Feuilleton; Bernard de Fontenelle; André Gide; Journal des Débats-, La Rochefoucauld; Maxim; Meditation; Nouvelle Revue Française; Charles Peguy; Pensée; Rêverie-, Revue des Deux Mondes; Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Albert Thibaudet.

Lits, Marc. Professor, Department of Communication, University of Louvain, Belgium. Author of L’Essai (1994), Le Roi est mort: Emotion et medias (1994), La Peur, la mort el les médias (1993), Le Roman policier (1993), and Pour lire le roman policier (1989).
Essays: Roland Barthes; E.M.Cioran; Umberto Eco.

Livingston, Donald W. Professor of philosophy, Emory University, Atlanta. Author of Hume’s Philosophy of Common Life (1984). Editor of Liberty in Hume’s History of England, with Nicholas Copredi (1990) and David Hume, Philosopher of Society, Politics, and History, with Marie Martin (1991).
Essay: David Hume.

Lloyd, Rosemary. Professor of French, Indiana University, Bloomington. Author of Baudelaire et Hoffmann (1979), The Land of Lost Content (1992), and Closer and Closer Apart (1995). Editor of the Literary Criticism (1981), Letters (1986), and Prose Poems and La Fanfarlo (1991) by Charles Baudelaire, Poésies (1984) and Letters (1988) by Stéphane Mallarmé, Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert (1990), and Master Pipers by George Sand (1994).
Essays: Remy de Gourmont; Stéphane Mallarmé.

Lonergan, Jennifer. Teacher of English language and literature. Author of six entries in the forthcoming Reference Guide to Russian Literature and three entries in the forthcoming Peoples of Evasion.
Essay: Nikolai Chernyshevskii.

Lopate, Phillip. Adams Professor of English, Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York. Juror for the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, and Association of Writing Programs contest. Editor of The Art of the Personal Essay anthology (1994). Author of two volumes of essays, Bachelorhood (1981) and Against Joie de Vivre (1989), the memoir Being with Children (1975), two novels, Confessions of Summer (1979) and The Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2139 Rug Merchant (1987), and the poetry collection The Daily Round (1976).

Lorenzo-Rivero, Luis. Professor of Spanish, Portuguese, and comparative literature, University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Author of Larra: Técnicas y perspectivas (1988), Estudios literarios sobre Mariano J.de Larra (1986), Larra: Lengua y estilo (1977), Estudios de literatura española moderna (1976), Larra y Sarmiento (1968), and various articles. Editor of Macías by Mariano José de Larra (1990).
Essay: Mariano José de Larra.

Lounsberry, Barbara. Professor of English, University of Northern lowa, Cedar Falls.
Author of The Writer in You (1992) and The Art of Fact: Contemporary Artists of Nonfiction (1990). Editor of Writing Creative Nonfiction: The Literature of Reality, with Gay Talese (1995).
Essays: Joan Didion; Oliver Wendell Holmes; Norman Mailer; New
Journalism; Tom Wolfe.

Lynn, Steven. Professor and director of freshman English, University of South Carolina, Columbia. Author of Samuel Johnson After Deconstruction (1992), Texts and Contexts (1994), and articles in Eighteenth-century Studies, College English, and Age of Johnson.
Essay: Samuel Johnson.

McCarthy, John A. Professor of German and comparative literature, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. Editorial board member and reader for the Lessing Yearbook, Goethe Yearbook ofNorth America, Seminar, Studies in 18th-century Culture, Eighteenth-century Studies, German Quarterly, and Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen & Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft. Author of Crossing Boundaries: A History and Theory of Essay Writing in Germany, 1680–1815 (1989), Christoph Martin Wieland: Epoche—Werk—Wirking, with others (1994), Christoph Martin Wieland (1979), “Wieland as Essayist” in Lessing Yearbook 8 (1976), “The Philosopher as Essayist: Leibniz and Kant” in The Philosopher as Writer, edited by R.Ginsburg (1987), “Reviewing Nation: The Review and the Concept of Nation” in The 18th-century German Book Review, edited by H.Rowland and K.J.Fink (1995), “Rewriting the Role of
the Author: On the 18th Century as the Age of the Author” in Leipziger Jahrbuch für Geschichte des Buchwesens 5 (1995), and numerous other essays on German literature and comparative literature.
Essays: German Essay; Friedrich Nietzsche.

McClintick, Christopher P. Teaches at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.
Author of articles in Seminar, Michigan Germanic Studies, and the collection The Future of German Studies in North America.
Essays: Die Akzente; Die Fackel; Die Grenzboten; Die neue Rundschau.

McCrea, Brian. Professor of English, University of Florida, Gainesville. Member of the editorial board of the South Atlantic Review. Author of Henry Fielding and the Politics of Mid-Eighteenth-century England (1981), Addison and Steele Are Dead: The English Department, Its Canon, and the Professionalization of Literary Criticism (1990), and College Writing (1985).
Essays: Henry Fielding; Richard Steele.

McCulloch, Margery Palmer. Lecturer in Scottish literature, University of Glasgow.
Author of The Novels of Neil M.Gunn: A Critical Study (1987), Edwin Muir: Poet, Critic and Novelist (1993), chapters in History ofScottish Literature (1987), Byron and Scotland (1989), Edwin Muir: Centenary Assessments (1990), Études Ecossaises (1992), and Scotland and the Slavs (1993), and articles in Studies in Scottish Literature, Scottish Literary Journal, English Review, Cencrastus, Chapman, Modern Language Review, Pen Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2140 International, Studies in Hogg and His World, and other journals. Editor of The Man Who Came Back: Essays and Short Stories by Neil M.Gunn (1991).
Essay: Edwin Muir.

McDonagh, Josephine. Lecturer in English, Birkbeck College, University of London. Author of De Quincey’s Disciplines (1994). Coeditor of Political Gender: Texts and Contexts (1994).
Essays: Thomas De Quincey; George Eliot.

McGhee, Richard D. Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Arkansas State University.
Author of Guilty Pleasures: William Wordsworth’s Poetry of Psychoanalysis (1993), John Wayne: Actor, Artist, Hero (1990), Henry Kirke Wbite (1981), and Marriage, Duty and Desire in Victorian Poetry and Drama (1980).
Essays: An Essay on the Principle of Population; John Stuart Mill.

McKenzie, Alan T. Professor of English, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
Author of Certain, Lively Episodes: Tbe Articulation of Passion in Augustan Prose (1990), Sent as a Gift: Eight Correspondences from the Eighteenth Century (1993), an entry on the Earl of Chesterfield in British Prose Writers, 1660–1800, Second Series, edited by Donald T. Siebert, Dictionary of Literary Biography vol. 104 (1991), and articles in Eighteenth-Century Studies, The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, Georgia Review, Harvard Library Bulletin, and 1650–1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era, among other places.
Essays: Earl of Chesterfield; The Spectator.

Mackervoy, Susan. Freelance writer and translator, London.
Essay: Friedrich von Schiller.

McLaren, John. Professor of humanities, Victoria University of Technology, Footscray, Australia. Editor of Overland literary magazine, since 1993, and Australian Book Review, 1978–86. Author of Writing in Hope and Fear (1996), New Pacific Literatures (1993), and Australian Literature: An Historical Introduction (1989).
Essay: Dorothy Green.

Maharg, James. Associate professor of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Illinois, Chicago. Author of A Call to Authenticity: The Essays of Ezequiel Martínez Estrada (1977), Los primeros modernistas (1983), José Ortega y Gasset (1992), and articles in Revista de Occidente, Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos, Luso-Brazilian Review, and Bulletin of Hispanic Studies.
Essay: Ezequiel Martínez Estrada.

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Essay: William Hazlitt.

Mailhot, Laurent. Professor, Department of French studies, University of Montreal.
Editor of Études Françaises, 1979–87; member of the editorial board of the Presses de l’Université de Montreal Bibliothèque du Nouveau Monde series. Author of La Littérature québécoise (1974), La Poésie québécoise des origines à nos jours, with P.Nepveu (1981), Ouvrir le livre (1992), and other books. Editor of Essais quebecois, 1837–1983: Anthologie litteraire, with Benoit Melançon (1984).
Essays: Canadian Essay (French); Lionel Groulx; Liberté; Pierre Trottier.

Marcotte, Gilles. Formerly Professor, University of Montreal. Author of Une Littérature qui se fait (1962), Le Roman à I’imparfait (1976), La Prose de Rimbaud (1983), Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2141
L’Amateur de musique (1992), and Littérature et drconstances (1989). Essays: Fernand Ouellette; Pierre Vadeboncoeur.

Masuy, Christine. Member of the Department of Communication, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.
Essays: Italo Calvino; Eugenio Montale.

Matiko, Beverly J. Associate professor of English and communication, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. Author of the entry on Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard in MasterPlots II: Women’s Literature (1995), and of forthcoming entries in Masterplots on The Chosen and My Name Is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok.
Essay: Annie Dillard.

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Essay: Günter Grass.

Mazzeno, Laurence W. President, Alvernia College, Reading, Pennsylvania. Managing editor, 1986–88, and editor, 1988–92, of Nineteenth-Century Prose, managing editor and book review editor of the Arnoldian, 1980–86; consulting editor of Masterplots (12 vols., 1996). Author of The British Novel, 1670–1832 (1997), Victorian Poetry (1995), The Victorian Novel (1989), and Herman Wouk (1994).
Essay: John Updike.

Melançon, Benoît. Adjunct professor, University of Montreal. Member of the editorial board of Discours Social/Social Discourse. Author of Diderot épistolier (1996) and articles in Spirale, Jeu, Éudes Françaises, Littérales, and Voix et Images. Editor of Essais québécois, 1837–1983: Anthologie littéraire, with Laurent Mailhot (1984).
Essays: André Belleau; Jacques Brault; Canadian Essay (French); Jean Larose; Jean Le Moyne.

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Essays: Enrique Tierno Galvan; Miguel de Unamuno.

Midgley, David. University lecturer in German, Cambridge University. Author of Arnold Zweig (1980) and articles on various German writers and intellectuals in German Life and Letters, German Quarterly, Oxford German Studies, Zeitschrift fur deutsche Philologie, and Jahrbuch für internationale Germanistik. Editor of The German Novel in the Twentieth Century (1993). Essays: Sigmund Freud; Max Weber.

Mihăilescu, Călin-Andrei. Associate professor of comparative literature and Spanish, University of Western Ontario, London. Editor of “Recherche littéraire/Literary research” in the journal of the International Comparative Literature Assocation. Author of articles in Style, Texte, Comparatist, Euresis, Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, and other journals. Editor of Fiction Updated: Theories of Fictionality, Narratology and Poetics (1996).
Essay: George Calinescu.

Miller, Anthony. Senior lecturer in English, University of Sydney. Author of articles in the Sidney Newsletter, Studies in Philology, and English Literary Renaissance. Editor of editions of Shakespeare’s Richard III (1989) and Julius Caesar (1995).
Essays: The Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2142
Defence of Poesy, An Essay on Man.

Miller, Stephen. Professor of Spanish and director of graduate studies in modern and classical languages, Texas A&M University, College Station. Member of the editorial board of Romance Quarterly and Antípodas. Author of El mundo de Galdós: Teoría, tradición y evolución del pensamiento socioliterario galdosiano (1983) and Del realismo/naturalismo al modernismo: Galdós, Zola, Revilla y Clarín (1870–1901)
(1993). Coeditor of Critical Studies on Gonzalo Torrente Ballester (1988) and Critical Studies on Armando Palacio Valés (1993). Guest editor of Antipodas special issue: Three Hispanic Nobels: Camilo José Cela, Gabriel García Márquez, Octavio Paz (1992.).
Essays: Marcelino Menéndez y Pelayo; Octavio Paz.

Mitchell, P.M. Adjunct professor of modern languages, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Author of A Bibliographical Guide to Danish Literature (1951), A History of Danish Literature (1957 and later revisions), Vilhelm Grønbech (1978), Daguerreotypes and Other Essays, with W.D.Paden (1979), Henrik Pontoppidan (1979), and many other books. Editor of Anthology of Danish Literature, with F.J.Billeskov Jansen (1972.) and of several volumes of the Ausgewählte Werke by Johann Christoph Gottsched (1975–95).
Editor and translator of Selected Essays (1955) and Moral Reflections and Epistles (1991) by Ludvig Holberg.
Essays: Frans G.Bengtsson; Olof von Dalin; Ludvig Holberg; Jacob Paludan; Scandinavian Essay.

Mitova-Janowski, Katia. Ph.D. candidate, Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago. Editor-in-chief of Panorama Bulgarian quarterly magazine, 1990–94; editor of Puls Bulgarian literary and cultural weekly, 1987–90; coeditor of the Philosophy Plus series for Pero Publishing House, Sofia, Bulgaria. Author of a collection of poetry (1994), articles in Literaturna Misal, Plamak, Slavic Literatures in Bulgaria, and other journals, and prefaces to books by Polish writers. Translator of works by various Polish writers.
Essays: Stanisław Barancńak; Bulgarian Essay; Gustaw HerlingGrudziński;
Chavdar Mutafov; Polish Essay; Pencho Slaveikov.

Monsman, Gerald. Professor of English, University of Arizona, Tucson. Author of Pater’s Portraits (1967), Walter Pater (1977), Walter Pater’s Art of Autobiography (1980), Confessions of a Prosaic Dreamer (1984), Olive Schreiner’s Fiction (1991), and two articles in Blackwood’s Magazine. Editor of Gaston de Latour: The Revised Text by Walter Pater (1995). Essay: Walter Pater.

Moss, Howard. Lecturer in Italian, University of Wales, Swansea. Former editor of the Bulletin of the Society for Italian Studies and the Journal of the Association of Italian Studies. Author of articles in Italian Studies, Italica, Forum Italicum, II Politico, Comparative Literature, Italian Quarterly, Rivista dell’Aipi, Italianist, and Bulletin of the Society for Italian Studies. Essays: Antonio Gramsci; Niccolo Machiavelli; Benedetto Varchi.

Motta, Vanna. Tutorial fellow in Italian, University of Wales, Cardiff. Essay: Carlo Cattaneo.

Miiller, Agnes C. Recent Ph.D. candidate, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. Author of articles in Chaotische Nachrichten and New German Review.
Essays: Theodor W.Adorno; Max Bense; Peter Hamm; Christa Wolf.

Mulvihill, James. Associate professor of English, University of Alberta, Edmonton.
Consultant on the Norton Readers. Author of Thomas Love Peacock (1987) and articles Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2143 in Studies in Romanticism, SEL, Keats-Shelley Journal, NineteenthCentury Literature,
and other journals.
Essays: William Godwin; Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Muñoz, Pedro Maria. Assistant professor of Spanish literature, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina. Author of Guia cultural del mundo hispánico (1992.) and articles and book reviews in Hispania, España Contemporánea, Letras Peninsulares, and other journals.
Essays: Baltasar Gracián; Ramiro de Maeztu.

Murray, Isobel. Senior lecturer in English, University of Aberdeen. Author of many articles on Oscar Wilde; editor of critical editions of Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray (1976), Wilde’s Complete Shorter Fiction (1979), The Oxford Authors Oscar Wilde (1989), and The Soul ofMan, and Prison Writings (1990). Author of Ten Modern Scottish Novels, with Bob Tait (1984) and articles on Scottish writing.
Essay: Oscar Wilde.

Murray, Michael D. Professor and chair, Department of Communication, University of Missouri, St. Louis. Member of the editorial advisory board of Journalism History and Communication Research Reports. Author of The Political Performers (1994) and Television in America (1997).
Essay: H.L.Mencken.

Musgrove, Brian. Head, Department of Humanities, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba. Coeditor of Coppertales journal of rural arts. Author of Signifying Others (1992). Director of the documentary films D.H.Lawrence and the Culture Industry (1985) and Making Shakespeare (1988).
Essay: D.H.Lawrence.

Myers, Eunice Doman. Associate professor of Spanish, Wichita State University, Kansas. Author of articles on Ramón Pérez de Ayala, Rosa Chacel, Manuel Ferrand, Ana María Matute, and other women writers in several books and in the journals Crítica Hispdnica, Perspective on Contemporary Literature, Hispanic Journal, Hispania, Letras Femenina, Monographic Review, and Letras Peninsulares. Coeditor of Continental, Latin-American and Francophone Women Writers (1987).
Essay: Ramón Pérez de Ayala.

Naufftus, William F. Associate professor of English, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina. Author of an entry on Thomas Babington Macaulay in Victorian Prose Writers Before 1867, edited by William B.Thesing, Dictionary of Literary Biography vol. 55 (1987). Editor of British Short Fiction Writers, 1880–1914: The Romantic Tradition, Dictionary of Literary Biography vol. 156 (1995).
Essay: Edmund Wilson.

Nemoianu, Virgil. William J.Byron Distinguished Professor of Literature, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. Secretary general of the International Comparative Literature Association. Author of The Taming of Romanticism: European Literature and the Age of Biedermeier (1984), A Theory of the Secondary: Literature, Progress, and Reaction (1989), Micro-Harmony: The Growth and Uses of the Idyllic Model in Literature (1977), and articles in the Times Literary Supplement, PMLA, Modern Language Notes, Poetics Today, and other journals. Coeditor of Play, Literature,
Religion (1992) and The Hospitable Canon (1991).
Essays: Chateaubriand; Ernst Jünger;
Alexandru Odobescu; Robert Southey.

O’Neil, Catherine. Postdoctoral student, University of Chicago.
Essay: Sovremennik.

O’Neill, Charles L. Assistant professor, Division of the Humanities, St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkill, New York. Author of “Violence and the Sacred in Seamus Heaney’s North” in the forthcoming Seamus Heaney: The Consdousness of the Artist, edited by Catherine Malloy, “Paul Muldoon’s Madoz: A Mystery and the Romantic Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2144 Poets” in Wordsworth Circle (1993), and “Haunting the Ordinary: Tess Gallagher and Irish Poetry” in Poetry Society of America (1993).
Essays: Kenneth Burke; Kenneth Rexroth.

Onslow, Barbara Mary. Lecturer in English, University of Reading. Author of the second ten-year index of Victorian Periodicals Review, several articles including those on 19thcentury British women writers, literature as journalism, and 19th-century prose and journalism in Reader’s Guide to Literature in English (1996), and “Deceiving Images, Revealing Images: Portraits of Romance and Reality in Victorian Women’s Writing” in Victorian Poetry (Autumn/Winter 1995).
Essays: Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine;
Margaret Oliphant.

Oviedo, José Miguel. Trustee professor, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
Author of Mario Vargas Llosa: La invención de una realidad (1970, revised 1977), Escrito al margen (1982, revised 1987), La niña de New York: Una revisión de la vida erótica de jorge Martí (1989), Breve historia del ensayo hispanoamericano (1991), and “The Modern Essay in Spanish America” in The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature, Volume 2: The Twentieth Century, edited by Roberto González Echevarría and Enrique Pupo-Walker (1996). Editor of Antología critica del cuento
hispanoamericano (2 vols., 1989–92). Contributing editor to the Library of Congress Handbook of Latin American Studies.
Essays: Jorge Luis Borges; Juan Montalvo.

Pahomov, George S. Professor of Russian language and literature, Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania. Editor and translator for Kingston Press; editor of Transactions. Author of In Earthbound Flight: Romanticism in Turgenev (1983) and numerous articles on writers such as Zhukovskii, Pushkin, Turgenev, Chekhov, Bunin, and Elagin in various journals.
Editor and transiator of Istoriia Rossii, vol. 4, by Vladimir Solov’ev (1996). Essay: Ivan Turgenev.

Park, Pamela. Associate professor of French, Idaho State University, Pocatello. Author of “Description and Evaluation of an Academic Year in a French Lycée, 1992–1993” in “Hands On” Language (1994) and “Imagination et ennui dans Lamiel” in Stendhal Club 118 (1988).
Essay: Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac.

Pavich, Paul Nicholas. Professor of English, Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado.
Author of Where the West Begins (1978), Joseph Wood Krutch (1989), and articles in Earthly Words: Essays on Contemporary American Nature and Environmental Writers (1994), Western American Literature, Southwestern American Literature, and Western Humanities Review. Editor, with Agnes Picotte, of Dakota Texts and Speaking of Indians by Ella Deloria (1979). Essay: Joseph Wood Krutch.

Pearson, Ann. Lecturer, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
Essay: Mary Wollstonecraft.

Pebworth, Ted-Larry. William E. Stirton Professor in the Humanities and professor of English, University of Michigan, Dearborn. Assistant editor of Seventeenth-Century Neivs. Author of 12 books and 76 articles on 17th- and 20th-century authors. Textual coeditor of The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne (8 vols., 1995–). Coeditor, The Wit of Seventeenth Century Poetry (1995).
Essay: John Donne.

Perez, Janet. Horn Professor of Spanish and associate graduate dean, Texas Tech University, Lubbock. Editor of the Monographic Review/Review Monografica, since 1985; member of the editorial board of Letras Femeninas, Hispanófila, Anales de la Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2145 Narrativa Española Contemporánea, Letras Peninsulares, Siglo XX/Twentieth Century, and other journals. Editor for Spain, Twayne World Authors Series. Author of The Major Themes of Existentialism in the Works of Ortega y Gasset (1970), Ana María Matute (1971), Miguel Delibes (1972), Novelistas femeninas de la postguerra española (1983), Gonzalo Torrente Ballester (1984), Women Writers of Contemporary Spain (1988), Modern and Contemporary Spanish Women Poets (1995), and 175 articles and chapters in books. Editor of Critical Studies on Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, with Stephen Miller (1988) and Dictionary of Literature of the Iberian Peninsula, with Maureen Ihrie (2 vols., 1993).
Essays: Francisco Ayala; Rosa Chacel; Maria Zambrano.

Perkins, Elizabeth. Associate professor of English, James Cook University of North Queensland, Townsville. Founding editor of LINQ (Literature in North Queensland).
Author of The Plays of Alma De Groen (1994). Editor of The Poetical Works (1984) and Stalwart the Bushranger with The Tragedy of Donohoe (1987) by Charles Harpur.
Essays: A.D.Hope; Walter Murdoch.

Piggott, Jill. Ph.D. candidate, Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. Author of articles in The Female Tradition in Southern Literature, edited by Carol S.Manning (1993), American Transcendental Quarterly, and Southern Literary Journal.
Essay: Nadine Gordimer.

Pitts, Mary Ellen. Professor and head, Department of English, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green. Author of Toward a Dialogue of Understanding: Loren Eiseley and the Critique of Science (1995), “Reflective Scientists and the Critique of Mechanistic Metaphor” in The Literature of Science: Perspectives on Popular Scientific Writing, edited by M.William McRae (1993), and “Toward a Dialectic of the Open End:
The Scientist as Writer and the Revolution Against Measurement” in Centennial Review 38, no. 1 (1994).
Essays: Aldo Leopold; Medical Essay; Oliver Sacks.

Pollard, D.E. Professor of translation, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Editor of Renditions, since 1989. Author of A Chinese Look at Literature (1973) and coauthor Colloquial Chinese (1982). Coeditor of An Encyclopedia of Translation: Chinese- English, English-Chinese (1995). Essays: Chinese Essay; Liang Yuchun; Lu Xun; Yuan Hongdao; Zhou Zuoren.

Polt, John H.R. Professor emeritus of Spanish, University of California, Berkeley.
Member of the editorial board of Dieciocho. Author of The Writings ofEduardo Mallea (1959), Jovellanos and His English Sources: Economic, Philosophical, and Political Writings (1964), Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (1971), and Batilo: Estudios sobre la evolución estilística de Meléndez Valdés (1987), and articles and reviews in Anales de Literatura Española, Hispanic Review, Dieciocho, Revista Iberoamericana, Studies in
Eighteenth-Century Culture, and other journals.
Essay: Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos.

Polt, Richard. Assistant professor of philosophy, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Author of articles in Auslegung, Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, and the forthcoming Dictionary of Existentialism, edited by Haim Gordon.
Essays: Ludwig Feuerbach; Martin Heidegger; JeanPaul Sartre; Xavier Zubiri.

Polukhina, Valentina. Professor of Russian literature, Keele University, Staffordshire.
Author of Joseph Brodsky: A Poet for Our Time (1989), Brodsky Through the Eyes of His Contetnporaries (1992), and The Dictionary of Brodsky’s Tropes (1995). Editor of Brodsky’s Poetics and Aesthetics (1990) and Brodsky’s Genres (1995).
Essay: Joseph
Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2146 Brodsky.

Post, Jonathan F.S. Professor of English, University of California, Los Angeles.
Member of the editorial board of the Huntington Library Quarterly, since 1995. Author of Henry Vaughan: The Unfolding Vision (1982), Sir Thomas Browne (1987), and many articles and reviews in Renaissance Literature. Editor of George Herbert in the Nineties (1996).
Essay: Sir Thomas Browne.

Price, John T. Graduate instructor, University of lowa, lowa City. Author of “Personal Connections to the Midwest” in The Updated Literary History ofthe American West (1996).
Essay: N.Scott Momaday.

Pucci, Suzanne R. Associate professor of French, University of Kentucky, Lexington.
Advisory editor of Eighteenth-Century Studies, since 1995. Author of Diderot and a Poetics of Science (1986), various chapters in books, and articles and reviews in journals. Editor of Diderot in the Wake of Modern Critical Thought, special issue of L’Esprit Créateur (1984).
Essay: Denis Diderot.

Pursglove, Michael. Senior lecturer in Russian, University of Exeter. Author of The New Russia (1995) and D.V. Grigorovich: The Man Who Discovered Chekhov (1987). Editor of editions of Childhood (1993), Anton; The Peasant: Two Stories of Serfdom (1991), and Sebastopol Stories (1994) by Lev Tolstoi.
Essay: Vladimir Giliarovskii.

Qian, Nanxiu. Assistant professor of Chinese literature, Rice University, Houston.
Cotranslator from classical to modern Chinese of An Abridged Translation of the Shihshuo hsin-yu (1989). Author of articles in T’ang Studies, Literary Review, and other journals. Coeditor of A Guide to Chinese Culture (1986). Essays: Liu Zongyuan; Su Shi.

Rae, Patricia. Assistant professor of English, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.
Author of The Practical Muse: Pragmatism and Inspiration in Hulme, Pound, and Stevens (1996) and articles in Comparative Literature, ELH, Southern Review, and English Studies in Canada.
Essay: William James.

Raley, Harold. Dean, College of Arts and Humanities, Houston Baptist University.
Author oljose Ortega y Gasset: Philosopher of European Unity (1971), Responsible Vision: The Philosophy of Julian Marías (1980), José Ortega y Gasset: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources, with Anton Donoso (1986), “Phenomenological Life: A New Look at the Philosophic Enterprise in Ortega y Gasset” in Analecta Husserliana (1989), and other studies.
Essays: Manuel Azafia; Julian Marias.

Rapport, Nigel. Professor in social anthropology, University of St. Andrews. Author of Talking Violence: An Anthropological Interpretation of Conversation in the City (1987), Diverse World Views in an English Village (1993), and The Prose and the Passion: Anthropology, Literature and the Writings ofE. M.Forster (1994).
Essay: E.M.Forster.

Richmond, Velma Bourgeois. Professor of English, Holy Names College, Oakland, California. Author of Muriel Spark (1985), Geoffrey Chaucer (1992.), The Popularity of Medieval Romance (1975), Laments for the Dead in Medieval Narrative (1965), The Legend of Guy of Warwick (1995), and many articles.
Essays: Hilaire Belloc; The Confessions; C.S.Lewis; Sermon.

Ritchie, Daniel E. Professor of English, Bethel College, St. Paul, Minnesota. Author of Reconstructing Literature in an Ideological Age (1996), “Desire and Sympathy, Passion and Providence: The Moral Imaginations of Burke and Rousseau” in Burke and the French Revolution (1992), and “The Story of Robinson Crusoe and the Stories of Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2147 Scripture” in Journey to the Celestial City (1995).
Essay: Edmund Burke.

Roberts, William. Professor of history, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rutherford, New Jersey. Member of the advisory panel for modern European history for the National Endowment for the Humanities. Author of Sicily: An Informal History (1992), Modern Italian History: An Annotated Bibliography (1990), and Prophet in Exile: Joseph Mazzini
in England (1989).
Essay: Giuseppe Mazzini.

Robertson, lan Ross. Professor of history, University of Toronto at Scarborough. Author of The Tenant League of Prince Edward Island, 1864–1867: Leasehold Tenure in the New World (1996), chapters in The Atlantic Region to Confederation: A History and Canadian History: A Reader’s Guide, Volume 1: Beginnings to Confederation, and articles in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Acadiensis, Canadian Literature, and The Island Magazine.
Essay: Andrew Macphail.

Robinson, Daniel. Ph.D. candidate, University of South Carolina, Columbia. Author of “From ‘Mingled Measure’ to ‘Ecstatic Measures’: Mary Robinson’s Poetic Reading of ‘Kubla Khan’” in Wordsworth Circle (1995) and “Reviving the Sonnet: Women Romantic Poets and the Sonnet Claim” in European Romantic Review (1995).
Essay: Alice Meynell.

Roche, Dan. Teacher of nonfiction writing, University of Central Arkansas, Conway.
Author of Love’s Labors: A Man’s Memoir of Marriage and Remarriage (1996) and articles in the North American Review, Ohio Journal, and the Slate.
Essays: American Essay; The Atlantic Monthly; Familiar Essay; Harper’s; Topical Essay.

Rogers, John H. Professor of English, Vincennes University, Indiana. Author of entries on Thomas Love Peacock in British Romantic Poets, Horace Smith in British Romantic Novelists, William Maginn in British Romantic Prose Writers, and Sir John Hawkins in Eighteenth-Century Biographers. Associate editor of British Literary Characters: The Novel (vol. 2) and editor of British Short Fiction Writers, 1915–1945, Dictionary of Literary Biography (1996).
Essays: Max Beerbohm; V.S. Pritchett; Jonathan Swift;
James Thurber.

Rojas, Lourdes. Associate professor of Spanish and director of Africana and Latin American studies, Colgate University, Hamilton, New York. Author of La mujer, desmitificación y novela (1990), “La indagación desmitificadora en la poesía de Rosario Castellanos” in Revista/Review InterAmericana 12., no. 1 (1982), “At the Crossroads:
Latinas’ Affirmation of Life in Getting Home Alive by Rosario Morales” in Breaking Boundaries:
Latinas’ Writing and Critical Essays (1988), and “Intruders and Usurpers:
Latin American Women Essayists” with N.Sternbach, in The Politics of the Essay:
Feminist Perspectives, edited by Ruth Ellen Joeres and Elizabeth Mittman (1993).
Essays: Andrés Bello; Pedro Henríquez Ureña.

Rosengrant, Judson. Independent scholar. Compiler of a bibliography on Lidiia Ginzburg in Russian Review (1995). Editor and translator of On Psychological Prose (1991) and On Lyric Poetry (forthcoming) by Ginzburg. Author of several articles in Russian Review, Style, Slavic and East European Journal, Canadian-American Slavic Studies, and other journals. Editor and translator of works by lurii Olesha, Fazil Iskander, and Edward Limonov.
Essay: Lidiia Ginzburg.

Rosevelt, Jan Peter F. van. Graduate teaching assistant, University of South Carolina, Columbia. Associate prose editor of Yemassee. Author of an entry on Michael Arlen in Notes on Advisers and Contributors British Short Fiction Writers, 1915–1945, edited by John H.Rogers, Dictionary of Literary Biography (1996), and “Dining with The Ambassadors” in the Henry James Review 15, no. 3 (1994).
Essay: J.B.Priestley.

Rowe, Noel. Lecturer in English, University of Sydney. Author of Modern Australian Poets (1994) and articles and poetry in Southerly, Voices, Pacifica, Meridian, Quadrant, Phoenix Review, and The Oxford Book of Australian Religious Poetry (1994).
Essay: Vincent Buckley.

Roy, Joaquín. Professor of international studies and Latin American literature, University of Miami. Literary director of Letras de Oro, since 1986. Director of the Iberian Studies Institute, since 1986, and the European Community Research Institute, since 1990. Author of julio Cortázar ante su sociedad (1974), Narrativa y critica de Nuestra América (1978), Ezequiel Martínez Estrada, Panorama de los Estados Unidos (1985), ALA: Periodismo y literatura (1986), Camilo josé Cela: Homage to a Nobel
Prize (1991), and El pensamiento demócratacristiano (1993).
Essays: Germán Arciniegas; Rubén Darío; Journalism and the Essay; Reportage; José Enrique Rodó.

Sáenz, Pilar G. Professor of Spanish, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
President of the Ibero-American Society for Eighteenth-century Studies. Author of Eugenio d’Ors: Su mundo de valores esteticos (1969), The Life and Works of Eugenio d’Ors (1983), contributions to Women Writers of Spain: An Annotated Bio-Bibliograpical Guide (1986) and Dictionary of Literature of the Iberian Peninsula, edited by Janet Pérez and Maureen Ihrie (2 vols., 1993), and articles in Insula, Papeles de Son Armadans,
Thesaurus, Hispanófila, Duquesne Hispanic Review, and Dieciocho. Essays: Americo Castro; Salvador de Madariaga; Eugenio d’Ors.

Saglia, Diego. Tutor, School of European Studies, University of Wales, Cardiff. Author of articles in the Byron Journal, Studies in the Novel, Textus: English Studies in Italy, and Byron and Spain: Itinerary in the Writing of Place (1996).
Essay: Times Literary Supplement.

Sandoval-B., Ciro A. Assistant professor of Spanish and comparative studies, Michigan Technological University, Houghton. Author of “Michel Serrès’ Philosophy of the ‘Educated Third’: Hermesian Confluences Among the Humanities, Science, and Technology” in Philosophy Today (Summer 1995), “Rafael Catala: Un Hermes para la Cienciapoesia Latinoamericana” in Rafael Catala: Del Circulo cuadrado a la ciendapoesia: Hacia una nueva poetica latinoamericana, edited by Luis A.Jimenez (1994). Coeditor of Jose Maria Arguedas: A Comparative Reconsideration (1996).
Essays: Aldous Huxley; José Carlos Mariátegui; Michel Serrès.

Saunero-Ward, Verónica. Part-time professor of Spanish and Italian, College of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Author of eight articles in the New Mexican, and articles in ALEPH and Bolivia Studies.
Essays: Lima la horrible; Spanish American Essay.

Savova, Lilia. Professor of English, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Author of English for the Eleventh Grade of the English Language Schools (1984), English for the Tenth Grade (1993), and English for the Eighth Grade of the National School for Andent Languages and Civilizations (1987).
Essay: Georgi Markov.

Schell, Richard. Professor of English, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario. Joint editor of the Yale Edition of The Shorter Poems of Edmund Spenser. Essays: Areopagitica; Northrop Frye.
Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2149

Scherr, Barry P. Professor of Russian, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire.
Author of Russian Poetry: Meter, Rhythm, and Rhyme (1986), Maxim Gorky (1988), and articles in Slavic and East European Journal, International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics, Style, Slavic Review, Russian Language Journal, and Russian Literature.
Coeditor of Russian Verse Theory (1989) and A Sense of Place: Tsarskoe Selo and Its Poets (1993).
Essays: Maksim Gor’kii; Andrei Siniavskii.

Schiff, Karen. Ph.D. candidate in comparative literature and literary theory, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Author of “Finding the Reader in The Waves: Bernard’s Dinner Party” in Re: Reading, Re: Writing, Re: Teaching Virginia Woolf, edited by Eileen Barrett and Patricia Cramer (1995) and “Taking a Tangent on Saussure and Derrida: Conceptualizing Signification and Différence Through a Graph of the Tangent Function” in Constructions 8 (1993).
Essays: Adrienne Rich; Alice Walker.

Schwab, Eric. Ph.D. candidate in German, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.
Translator of Constituting Critique: Kant’s Writing as Critical Praxis by Willi Goetschel (1994). Editor of an issue of ARTlies, 1994.
Essay: Immanuel Kant.

Sheldon, Richard. Chair, Russian Department, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. Compiler of Viktor Shklovskii: An International Bibliography of Works by and About Him (1977). Author of “Shklovskii, Gor’kii and the Serapion Brothers” in Slavic and East European Journal 12., no. 1 (Spring 1968), “The Formalist Poetics of Viktor Shkovskii” in Russian Literature Tri-Quarterly 2 (Winter 1972), “Viktor Shklovskii and the Device of Ostensible Surrender” in Slavic Review 34, no. 1 (March 1975). Translator and editor of Shklovskii’s A Sentimental Journey (1970), Zoo, or Letters Not About Love (1971), Third Factory (1977), and various articles. Essay: Viktor Shklovskii.

Sherman, Alvin E, Jr. Associate professor of Spanish and assistant dean of graduate studies and research, Idaho State University, Pocatello. Author of Mariano José de Larra: A Directory of Historical Personages (1992) and articles in Cntíca Hispánica, Dieciocho, Anales de Literatura Española, Ojáncano, and Ariel.
Essays: Benito Jerónimo Feijóo y Montenegro; Diego de Torres Villarroel.

Simmons, James R., Jr. Ph.D. candidate, University of South Carolina, Columbia.
Author of entries in the Dictionary of Literary Biography, American National Biography, and Reference Guide to American Literature, and articles in English Language Notes, Brontë Society Transactions, the Dickensian, and Victorian Studies.
Essay: G.K.Chesterton.

Skabarnicki, Anne. Associate professor of English, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario. Editor of the Carlyle Studies Annual, since 1992. Member of the editorial advisory board for the University of California Press’ Selected Carlyle Project.
Author of articles in the Carlyle Studies Annual, Nineteenth-Century Prose, and Scotia.
Coeditor of a forthcoming volume of Carlyle’s political and social essays. Essay: Lytton Strachey.

Sloane, David A. Associate professor of Russian, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts. Author of Aleksandr Blok and the Dynamics of the Lyric Cycle (1988) and articles in the Slavic and East European Journal, Russian Literature, Ulbandus Review, Tolstoy Studies Journal, Harvard Ukrainian Studies, and in several conference proceedings, festschrifts, and other collections.
Essay: Aleksandr Blok.
Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2150

Smith, Christopher. Reader in French, School of Modern Languages, University of East Anglia, Norwich. Author ot Jean Anouilh: Life, Work and Criticism (1985), Atalante, Bikinis and Calvados (1985), and many articles in journals. Editor of France et Grande Bretagne (1990) and Dramatic Works by Jean de la Taille (1972).
Essays: Georges Bataille; Paul Bourget.

Smith, Vivian. Reader in English, University of Sydney. Widely published poet and critic. Author of Vance and Nettie Palmer (1975), The Poetry of Robert Lowell (1974), Selected Poems (1985), New Selected Poems (1995), and other works. Editor of the Letters of Vance and Nettie Palmer (1977) and Nettie Palmer: Her Private Journal Fourteen Years, Poems, Reviews and Literary Essays (1988).
Essays: Nettie Palmer;
Vance Palmer; Judith Wright.

Smythe, Robert V. Assistant professor of German, University of Memphis. Author of Mustersätze und Grammatik, with Chas. Long (textbook; 1975) and a review in the Lessing Jahrbuch (1994).
Essays: Leopold von Ranke; Der Teutsche Merkur; Christoph Martin Wieland.

Snider, Alvin. Associate professor, University of lowa, lowa City. Author of Origin and Authority in Seventeenth-century England: Bacon, Milton, Butler (1994).
Essays: Nature Essay; Pamphlet.

Soledad Carrasco, María. Professor emerita, Hunter College, City University of New York. Author of El moro de Granada en la Hteratura (1956), The Moorish Novel (1976), and El moro retador y el moro amigo (Estudios sobre fiestas y comedias de moros y cristianos) (1996).
Essay: El Sol.

Sondrup, Steven P. Professor of comparative literature, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. Editor of Scandinavian Studies and the Bulletin of the International Comparative Literature Association. Author of “The Poetry of Ecstatic Vision” in Editb Södergran and Klagar Olson (1995), Vers Konkordanz zu Goethes Faust, Ersterund zweiter Teil (2, vols., 1986–89), The Poetry and Prose of Östen Sjöstrand (1988), and Hofmannsthal and the French Symbolist Tradition (1976).
Essays: Vilhelm Ekelund;
Hugo von Hofmannsthal.

Speer, Clara. Instructor, College of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Editorial assistant for the World Shakespeare Bibliography.
Essays: Thomas Paine; Richard Selzer.

Spurr, Barry. Senior lecturer in English literature, University of Sydney. Author of The Word in tbe Desert (1995), The Poetry of Kenneth Slessor (1995), The Poetry of Wilfred Owen (1993), Literature and Spirituality (1993), The Poetry of Coleridge (1993), “Eliot and the Seventeenth Century” in Hellas, “Eliot’s Longer Poems” in Sydney Studies in English, “Lytton Strachey’s Essayist’s Art” in Prose Studies, and many other books and articles.
Essay: T.S.Eliot.

Stack, George J. Professor emeritus of philosophy, State University of New York, Brockport. Author of Berkeley’s Analysis of Perception (1970), On Kierkegaard (1976), Kierkegaard’s Existential Ethics (1977), Sartre’s Philosophy of Social Existence (1978), Lange and Nietzsche (1983), Nietzsche and Emerson (1992,), Nietzsche: Man, Knowledge, Will to Power (1994), and 160 articles in various journals.
Essays: Ralph Waldo Emerson; Arthur Schopenhauer.

Staines, David. Professor of English, University of Ottawa. General editor of the New Canadian Library; editor of Journal of Canadian Poetry. Author of Tennyson’s Camelot: Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2151
The Idylls of the King and Its Medieval Sources (1982), Beyond the Provinces: Literary Canada at Century’s End (1995). Editor of Stephen Leacock: A Reappraisal (1986) and Leacock’s My Financial Career and Other Follies (1993). Translator of The Complete Romances of Chrétien de Troyes (1990).
Essay: Stephen Leacock.

Steensma, Robert C. Professor of English, University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Author of Sir William Temple (1970), Dr. John Arbuthnot (1979), and articles in College English, US Naval Institute Proceedings, Naval War College Review, Western American Literature, Rocky Mountain Review, Shakespeare Newsletter, and other journals.
The Compleat Angler; Bernard De Voto; Graham Greene; Christopher Morley; Wallace Stegner; Sir William Temple.

Steiner, Patricia Owen. Writer and translator, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Author of a forthcoming biography of Victoria Ocampo. Translator of The Banners of the Champions: An Anthology of Medieval Arabic Poetry from Andalusia and Beyond, with James Bellamy (1989), Don Segundo Sombra, with Ricardo Guiraldes (1995), and various articles from the Spanish. Essay: Victoria Ocampo.

Stewart, Ralph. Member of the English Department, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Author of “Richard III, Josephine Tey, and Some Uses of Rhetoric” in Clues 12, no. 1 (1991), “Swift and the Authorship of Creichton’s Memoirs” in Scottish Historical Review (1993), and entries on Bertrand Russell and John Lehmann in the Dictionary of Literary Biography vol. 100 (1990). Editor of A History of the Church of Scotland by James Kirkton (1993).
Essay: George Bernard Shaw.

Stone, Staci L. Ph.D. candidate, University of South Carolina, Columbia. Assistant editor of Yemassee. Essay: Maria Edgeworth.
Strassberg, Richard E. Professor of Chinese, University of California, Los Angeles.
Translator of Inscribed Landscapes: Travel Writing from Imperial China (1994).
Essay: Zhang Dai.

Stuckey-French, Ned. Recent Ph.D. candidate in American literature, University of lowa, lowa City. Author of articles and reviews in the Harvard Advocate, lowa Review, Modern Fiction Studies, Walt Whitman Encyclopedia, and Walking Magazine.
Essays: American Essay; W.E.B.Du Bois; William H.Gass; Humorous Essay; Agnes Repplier; Scott Russell Sanders.

Suchoff, David. Associate professor of English, Colby College, Waterville, Maine.
Author of Critical Theory and the Novel (1994). Cotranslator of The Imaginary Jew by Alain Finkielkraut (1994).
Essay: Irving Howe.

Szeman, Imre. Graduate student, Literature Program, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. Founding editor of Prosthesis: A Graduate Journal of Theory and Criticism.
Author of the forthcoming “Spectral Spaces/The Time of Marx” in theory@buffalo, “Disappearing Nations: Atom Egoyan’s Canada” in Constructing Nations, Constructing Selves, edited by Lynn Domina and Peter Naccarato (1997), “Heidegger’s Neighbourhood and Philosophy’s Landscape” in Re-Naming the Landscape, edited by Bruce Butterfield and Jurgen Kleist (1994), and “Tracing Lines of Flight: Masala and
Multiculturalism” in Reverse Shot 1, no. 2 (May 1994).
Essays: Chinua Achebe; Wole Soyinka.

Taylor, Richard C. Associate professor of English, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina. Author of Goldsmith as Journalist (1993) and articles in Philological Notes on Advisers and Contributors Quarterly, Review of English Studies, Modern Philology, Studies in English Literature, Comparative Drama, English Language Notes, Review, and Concerns.
Essays: Oliver Goldsmith; The Tatler.

Taylor, Rodney. Associate professor of German, Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri. Author of Perspectives on Spinoza in Works by Schiller, Biichner, and C.F.Meyer: Five Essays (1995) and other books, and articles in the Michigan Germanic Studies, Deutsche Viertelfahrsschrift, Seminar, and other journals.
Essay: Novalis.

Tesser, Carmen Chaves. Professor of Romance languages, University of Georgia, Athens. Member of the editorial board of The Eighteenth Century: A Current Bibliography, since 1993, and MIFLC Review, since 1992. Author (as Carmen C. McClendon) of Dissertattons in Hispanic Languages and Literatures, 1967–76, with James R.Chatham (1981), the forthcoming Um modelo de discurso femenino: A obra de Lya Luft, and many articles (also as Carmen Chaves Tesser). Editor (as Carmen C.McClendon) of Brasil: Os ultimos quarenta años (1985) and Brazil in the Eighties, with M.Elizabeth Ginway (1990). Editor (as Carmen Chaves Tesser) of The Forgotten Centuries: Europeans and Indians in the American South, 1513–1704, with Charles M.Hudson (1994). Translator of The hland of the Dead by Lya Luft, with Betty Jean Craige, (1986) and the forthcoming Tradition Matters: Modern Gaúcho Identity in Brazil by Ruben George Oliven.
Essays: Josefa Amar y Borbón; José Cadalso; Antônio Cândido; Euclides da Cunha; Paulo Freire; Gilberto Freyre.

Thomas, Gillian. Professor of English, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Author of Harriet Martineau (1985) and A Position to Command Respect: Women and the Eleventh Britannica (1992).
Essays: Harriet Martineau; Rebecca West.

Titolo, Matthew. Ph.D. candidate in Victorian literature and critical theory, and teaching associate, University of California, Los Angeles. Author of articles on intellectual and cultural history, Victorian literature, the history of slavery, and critical theory.
Essays: Classical Influences; Lewis Mumford; Sociological Essay.

Tobias, Richard C. Professor of English, University of Pittsburgh. Member of the editorial board of Victorian Poetry, Modern Language Studies, and Victorian Institute Journal. Author of Art of James Thurber (1969), T.E.Brown (1971), and Bibliographies of Studies of Victorian Literature, 1975–85 (1991).
Essay: Thomas Babington Macaulay.

Trojanowska, Tamara. Assistant professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Chicago. Coauthor of Quest for a New Theatre (1988) and author of articles in Canadian Slavonic Papers, Dialog, and other journals.
Essays: Witold Gombrowicz; Czestaw Miiosz.

Turner, Brian. Assistant professor of rhetorical criticism and composition, University of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Author of articles in Rhetoric Review, Journal of Teaching Writing, Teaching English in the Two-Year College, and Inkshed.
Essays: John McPhee; John Muir.

Ullman, Pierre L. Professor emeritus of Spanish, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
Author of Mariano de Larra and Spanish Political Rhetoric (1971) and many articles on Spanish literature.
Essay: Spanish Essay.

Urbina, Nicasio. Associate professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Tulane University, New Orleans. Author of La significación del género: Estudio semiótico de las novelas y ensayos de Ernesto Sabato (1992), bibliographies of Sabato in Revista de Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2153 Critica Literaria Latinoamericana 14, no. 27 (1988) and Hispania 73 (1990), La estructura de la novela nicaragüense: Andlisis narratologico (1995), a collection of poetry (1995), a collection of short stories (1991), and many articles in journals.
Essay: Ernesto Sabato.

Urrello, Antonio. Professor of Hispanic and Italian studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Author of José María Arguedas (1974), Verostmilitud y estrategia textual en el ensayo hispanoamericano (1986), La poesía de Quebec (1994), and several articles in journals. Editor of One Hundred Years of Solitude: Critical Perspectives (1987).
Essay: Carlos Monsiváis.

Valevičius, Andrius. Professor, Faculty of Theology, Ethics, and Philosophy, University of Sherbrooke, Quebec. Author of From the Other to the Totally Other: The Religious Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas (1988), Lev Shestov and His Times: Encounters with Brandes, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Ibsen, Nietzsche and Husserl (1993), and “Le Sense de l’histoire dans la pensée russe” in Écrits du Canada Français 75 (1992).
Essays: Vissarion Belinskii; Arthur Buies; Nikolai Novikov.

van der Laan, James M. Associate professor of German, Illinois State University, Normal. Coeditor of Transculture. Author of articles in the Germanic Review, Euphorion, Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift, Seminar, History of European Ideas, Neophilologus, Lessing Yearbook, and Gutenberg Jahrbuch.
Essay: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Villafañe, Camille. Doctoral student, Arizona State University, Tempe. Essay: Luis Cardóza y Aragon.

Walker, Charlotte Zoë. Professor of English and women’s studies, State University of New York, Oneonta. Author of the novel Condor and Hummingbird (1987) and short stories in various journals and collections. Editor of Sharp Eyes: John Burroughs and American Nature Writing: A Collection of Essays (1997).
Essay: John Burroughs.

Walsh, Harry. Associate professor of Russian, University of Houston. Author of articles in Religion and Literature., CLIO, Slavic and East European Journal, Slavonic and East European Review, Russian Language Journal, Comparative Literature Studies, and other journals.
Essay: Vladimir Soloukhin.

Wasserman, George. Professor emeritus, Russell Sage College, Troy, New York.
Author of Samuel Butler and the Earl of Rochester: A Reference Guide (1986), Roland
Barthes (1981), Samuel “Hudibras” Butler (1976, revised 1989), John Dryden (1964), and articles in the Philological Quarterly, English Literary History, Studies in English Literature, Modern Language Quarterly, and other journals. Editor of Hudibras: The Second Part (1663) by Butler (1993).
Essays: Characters; Preface.

Weeks, Laura D. Independent scholar. Formerly chair, Russian Department, Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts. Author of articles in the Slavic Review and Rttssian Review. Editor of Study Guide to The Master and Margarita (1996).
Essay: Marina Tsvetaeva.

Wenske, Paul L. Assistant professor of journalism, William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Kansas, Lawrence. Journalist writing for various papers, including the Daily Oklahoman, Kansas City Star and Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald, and Boston Globe, as well as the National Law Journal and Ingram’s Magazine.
Essay: Barry Lopez.
Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2154
Werner, Theresa. Freelance writer and editor, London. Essays: Personal Essay; Susan Sontag.

West, Alan G.H. Ph.D. candidate in English literature, University of Ottawa. Essay: Richard Jefferies.

Whalen, Terry. Professor of English, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Author of Bliss Carman and His Works (1983), Charles G.D.Roberts and His Works (1989), Philip Larkin and English Poetry (1986), and articles on late 19thcentury and 20th-century British, American, and Canadian authors in various journals. Editor of The Atlantic Anthology: Critical Essays (1985).
Essay: Bliss Carman.

Wheeler, Kathleen M. University lecturer, Faculty of English, Cambridge University.
Author of Explaining Deconstruction (1996), A Critical Guide to Twentieth-Century Women Novelists (1996), “Modernist” Women Writers and Narrative Art (1994), Romanticism, Pragmatism and Deconstruction (1993), Sources, Processes and Methods in Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria (1980), The Creative Mind in Coleridge’s Poetry (1981), and German Aesthetic and Literary Criticism: The Romantic Ironists and Goethe
Essay: Friedrich Schlegel.

Wilson, Keith. Professor and chair, Department of English, University of Ottawa. Author of a wide range of books and articles on 19th- and 20th-century literature, including Thomas Hardy on Stage (1995). Editor of the forthcoming Penguin Modern Classics edition of Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge.
Essay: A.C.Benson.

Winkler, Michael. Professor of German studies, Rice University, Houston. Author of Stefan George (1970), GeorgeKreis (1972), Einakter und kleine Dramen des Jugendstils (1974), Deutsche Literatur im Exil, 1933–1945: Texte und Dokumente (1977), Phantastische Erzählungen der Jahrhundertwende (1982), Deutschsprachige Exilliteratur: Studien zu ihrer Bestimmung im Kontext der Epoche 1930 bis 1960 (1984),
and Exilliteratur, 1933–1945 (1989).
Essays: Rudolf Borchardt; Hermann Grimm;
Rudolf Alexander Schröder; Die weissen Blätter.

Wood, Allen G. Associate professor of French, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. Editor for French of Purdue Studies in Romance Literature and the Purdue University Monographs in Romance Languages. Author of Literary Satire and Theory (1985) and over 20 articles on 17th-century French literature.
Essays: Alain; Pierre Bayle; Saint-Évremond.

Woodward, Servanne. Assistant professor of French, University of Western Ontario, London. Author of Diderot and Rousseau’s Contributions to Aesthetics (1991) and articles in Romance Languages Annual, Diderot Studies, Revue Marivaux, Diogène, Essays in French Literature, Comparative Literature Studies, and other journals.
Essays: Charles Du Bos; Voltaire.

Woolsey, Linda Mills. Professor of English, King College, Bristol, Tennessee. Author of entries on Jane Porter and Anna Maria Porter, Thomas De Quincey, the London Magazine, and Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine in the Dictionary of Literary Biography, and articles in The Image of Crime, edited by Steven Kaplan and Will Wright (1991) and Tennessee Philological Bulletin.
Essays: Journal; Religious Essay; Simone Weil.

Zaslove, Jerald. Professor of English and humanities, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia. Author of over 30 essays and mongraphs, including Jeff Wall (1990), contributions in the books Recharting the ’30s (1996) and Herbert Read: Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2155 Centenary Reassessments, edited by David Goodway (1997), and articles in Telos, Public, Collapse, West Coast Review, Recovering Literature, Boston Journal of Education, and Open Letter. Essays: Partisan Review; Propaganda; Herbert Read.

Zeiger, William. Assistant professor of English, Slippery Rock University,
Pennsylvania. Author of “The Exploratory Essay” in College English (1985), “Freedom of Imagination” in The Critical Writing Workshop, edited by Toni-Lee Capossela (1993), and “The Personal Essay and Egalitarian Rhetoric” in Literary Nonfiction, edited by Chris Anderson (1989).
Essays: Apothegm; Charles Lamb; Lewis Thomas.

Zweig, Robert. Professor of English, Manhattan Community College, City University of New York. Author of entries on the dramatic unities, Victorian poetry, Victorian literary criticism, and poetry in The Encyclopedia of Time (1995), and “Death in Love: Rossetti and the Victorian Journey Back to Dante” in Sex and Death in Victorian Literature (1990).
Essay: John Ruskin.
Notes on Advisers and Contributors 2156

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